#ElectronicsBan repealed for Etihad Airways with immediate effect

One of the puzzles of air travel in 2017 was the United States unilaterally applying a ban on electronics & laptops to travel in the cabin of aircraft for airlines which originated travel out of the Middle-East. The United Kingdom quickly applied a ban of their own, however, it was a different shape and size as compared to the American Ban, although both the allies claimed to have shared intelligence of the threat. Then the USA tried imposing the same ban on Europe-originating flights as well, but got pushback enough to cancel it.

One of the biggest consequences of having your electronics travel in the belly of the plane, where putting 200 laptops or maybe more is a fatal idea. First, 200 batteries which are not allowed in the belly are now travelling in the belly, allowing for a mishap to happen. Second, the consequences of losing your laptop are immense. Some people have their entire lives on their laptops.

We were brave enough put Etihad Airways to test and report back about the state of our Laptop when it travelled in the belly last month. It was all so puzzling specially to travel through Abu Dhabi airport, especially since they are a pre-clearance post for the US CBP, which should mean they already comply with American standards of screening and security.

But, it seems it does not matter anymore. At least for Etihad. They are out of the Electronics Ban now. As per a recent communication from Etihad,


How have they managed to get off this list? The USA has notified new security measures for all airports from where flights take off to a US airport, and Abu Dhabi airport has quickly managed to get in line with the new measures. These measures include trace detection screening as well as enhanced seen and unseen screening of passengers.

So, for those of you who are booked to travel on Etihad in the coming months, here is a sigh of relief. You could continue to use your laptops and electronics on board with immediate effect.

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