Meet these cute dogs at the Mumbai Airport!

Last month, on my way out to Singapore, I spent some time with Angel at the Mumbai Airport. It was half an hour to midnight and on my way to the GVK lounge, I spotted this four-legged golden ball of fur, flapping its ears, lying down, docile in one corner.

Dogs at Mumbai Airport

Angel, The Golden Retriever at the Mumbai Aiport

During my last few departures out of Mumbai, I had noticed a standee after the security check, however, I couldn’t find the dogs anywhere. So when I spotted this charming Golden Retriever I immediately rushed to check with the keeper if they were associated with the same service. The answer was YES!

Dogs at Mumbai Airport

Standee at the Mumbai Airport

I started rubbing Angel’s belly and playing with the dog and I could make out that she was enjoying the massage. To my surprise, she was passive in her behaviour, unlike most dogs who usually try to lick and wag their tails swiftly.  During my conversation with her keeper Animesh, I learnt that Angel has been trained in advanced obedience as well as socialization. She has also passed all the tests and is a certified therapy dog by the Hong Kong Therapy Dog Association.

Dogs at the Mumbai Airport

Fur Ball Story is a company that works on reducing stress through human-dog interaction

Angel is also good at performing tricks in exchange for a treat. Her handler got her to shake hands with me and other passengers around.

Dogs at Mumbai Airport

Angel shaking hands

In fact, all the three therapy dogs at the Mumbai Airport have a very good temperament and are trained to meet strangers in a very calm and docile manner. Mumbai is the first airport to introduce therapy dogs to help anxious passengers feel at ease before they fly. I tried looking for other Asian countries where they had canine friends at the airport, but could not find any. Kudos to Mumbai CSIA Airport for taking the lead in this department!

I spent about 15 minutes playing with Angel and she never barked once during that time. What an awesome way to spread the cheer with these friendly canines and destress before flying out of Mumbai.  I know that the next time I am at Terminal 2, I’m definitely looking out for these dogs.

Dogs at Mumbai Airport

Playtime with Angel at Mumbai Airport

All the three dogs are usually roaming around at Mumbai’s Terminal 2 departures on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the following timings:
  • Domestic Departures: 6 pm to 8 pm
  • International Departures: 9 pm to midnight

And if you’d like to book a playtime with these dogs at the Mumbai Airport you can always contact Fur Ball Story on +91 8130819609.

I sure hope more airports help passengers in the way that CSIA is doing.

Have you met these cute dogs at the Mumbai airport? Do share your experiences.


  1. I have met ALL three of them ❤️
    I was on my way to Zürich on 29th October when I saw Angel, Muffin and Cocoa walking around with their care-taker.
    I immediately went up to them and had a GREAT time cuddling those SO VERY CUTE doggos THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH GVK. I LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR US

  2. I remember playing with few dogs some 1.5 years back at CSIA. However they had disappeared / my timings never matched. Good to see an article on them as it will increase awareness.

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