Do you know what a ‘Politician’ size sleeper suit is? Let me know…

This evening, I set out to recover the long lost account of my brother on Kingfisher Airlines since he never travelled with them in the past 4 years. Once we got on the website, the Update Profile section caught my eye. Usually a comprehensive portfolio review earns 500 miles so I thought, “why not?”

However, this really had me in splits for a long while after… Pay attention to the drop down!

A Politician Size sleeper suit? I want, pretty please!

So, basically, I am wondering what it feels like to have a Politician size sleeper suit. I am also wondering if the website designer for Kingfisher Airlines was playing a crude joke n his masters, or whatever happened here?

Or maybe it is just me who is ignorant. Which case, would you guys please educate me?

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