Deal: Qatar Airways at 50% off in Business & Economy (India – USA QSuites at INR 1.5L)

From time to time, Qatar Airways comes up with some reasonably amazing sales, and this week is one of those. They are now offering a great sale for departures out of India. Let’s find out some more about the Qatar Airways Sale 2019.

Qatar Airways Sale 2019

The current sale if on offer through March 13, 2019, and you can travel until December 31, 2019. I’d highly recommend you check out the sale and see if there is something that works for you. It is a global sale to over 160 destinations, so I’m sure enough is going around in terms of inventory for everyone.

Qatar Airways A350-1000 A7-ANA

There are some excellent deals here. As per Qatar Airways,

  • America / Canada – Economy Class from INR 50,000 and Business Class from 150,000
  • Europe – Economy Class from INR 36,000 and Business Class from INR 115,000
  • Africa – Economy Class from INR 42,000 and Business Class from INR 125,000
  • Qatar – Economy Class from INR 20,000 and Business Class from INR 70,000

And they are not bluffing you there. Some very very good fares are indeed present. For instance, here is a return ticket between Delhi and Dallas for less than INR 1.5 Lakh rupees in Business Class (QSuites to Dallas!) through and through. I could also spot a lot of INR 35-40K fares between India and Europe and INR 50K between India and USA.

Qatar Airways Sale 2019

In all possibility, this sale may be extended too. But even if it doesn’t, you have all weekend to figure out which one do you want to sign up for. The Qatar Airways Business Class product is beautiful, especially also since they fly the QSuites from India now. Check out my trip report of flying with them to France on the A380A350-1000 and the 777 Even the Economy Class is very comfortable indeed! And the QSuites are the best business class in the world at the moment!

a group of people sitting at a table in a plane

And not just that, you can also plan a stopover in Qatar, since Visa on Arrival is free of cost for Indian passports, and the country is beautiful. I just got back from there last month, and can’t wait to go back again.


There are some great fares on offer here, and the products on offer for Qatar Airways are some of the best in the market. So maybe it is indeed an idea to scour the sale and check out if you want to make some bookings for the next trip you will be making.

Where have you found the best deals on Qatar Airways?

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  1. Thanks Rajah, appreciate your recalcitrant response, this is an airline ( maybe you work for them, especially being Indian, they have a lot of your countrymen working with them ) that has systematically lied to their customers, lied to their staff, lied to the industry.

    They are baling out big time because they are going broke. So they sign up as many new people as they can and then overnight, unannounced without warning they will withdraw from One World without any compensation to their most loyal customers. The points are worthless.

    I am a QR Platinum Rajah and I have been affected by this big time because I remained loyal even through a blockade by Saudia, UAE, Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt.

    How many miles have you flown with them Rajah? Their business practices maybe acceptable in India, but in the civilized world, most of what they get away with would be illegal.

    So please do not tell me Rajah to “go sip my hate aid” mate. Perhaps instead of wasting yours and everyone else’s time on here Rajah you should head to the streets of Mumbai and help the paupers who are having babies in the street, it seems to me Indians need to get their own house in order before lecturing us. Your country is a pigsty.

    That’s all Rajah. Bye now.

    • @robbo you are so drunk on your privilege that you can’t even read my name right. I think you just deserve to get out of here. Wonder what civilised world do you come from where you call other countries pigsty and just because your points became worthless you are badmouthing an airline. So sorry for your hate. I don’t work for QR but I love them regardless. Anyways. Any more posts here on this subject by you will be deleted Robborajjah.

    • robbo, you call yourself from civilized world. Look at your own response. Not sure what is your reason of hate towards India and Indians. In my opinion India is much better than your so called civilized world.

  2. Can’t trust Qatar….. about to withdraw from One World…. did the dirty last May 27 when they completely blew up the FF program overnight without notice, without warning, devalued everyones points by 50%, they may as well have held us up at gunpoint and robbed us blind… liars, cheats, disgusting…..

    • @robbo, and how does any of your rant stop them from flying their planes correctly and delivering passengers in time again? go sip your hate aid elsewhere.

  3. TnC:
    1. This offer is applicable to Privilege Club members receiving this communication.

    The rates may apply, wonder if they will honor upto 5X too if email isnt received?


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