Deal: Get Free Lounge Access when booking tickets

Lounge Access is arguably one of the most important features at an airport which everyone looks for. Not something all airlines get you, or you usually can get for yourself even if you wanted. Jet Airways, one of the only airline which had a massive frequent flier presence across the country, has also limited lounge access since December 2018.

PayTM is now offering lounge access as a special promotion, in a tie-up with the Plaza Premium Lounge network, offering lounge access to people who are booking tickets using PayTM flights. You need to use the couponĀ LOUNGE for booking your ticket.

On applying the LOUNGE voucher, you get one-time free access to the Plaza Premium Lounges in the following cities:

Ahmedabad Plaza Premium Lounge

Your lounge access gets processed in 72 hours, and after that is valid for use till December 31, 2019. Unfortunately, I don’t have a date yet on when this promotion would run over.


For those of you who don’t have a card which allows you to access the Lounge, or do not want to use your lounge access quota, this is a very good promotion to tap into.

Are you going to use the PayTM Lounge Access promotion?

(HT: Shivam Vahia)


  1. @Ajay: How will we receive the pass? Is it exactly after 72 hours or do we get it earlier? And if so, how?

  2. Will the passenger whose name I book ticket from my family will get membership or I will get the membership being Paytm account holder from which I am booking flight

  3. Great…handy for someone like me in Abad.. though I guess considering discounts often available with different codes, may not be worth it everytime.

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