Deal: Jet Airways’ 20% Discount for Amex cardholders through February 7

Jet Airways and American Express are running a good promotion in case you are planning to make any flights in the coming days, a flat 20% off if you book with your Amex Card to fly on Jet Airways. The promotion is valid for domestic as well as international flights of the airline.


The promotion is valid on the India country site of the airline, which you can access here. The 20% discount is applicable on base fare on flights within the country as well as abroad, but originating from India. Tickets purchased until February 7, 2017 are going to get this discount. For international flights, travel can start anytime, but for domestic flights, travel would have to commence at least 15 days after booking the tickets. Discount is valid only on American Express cards issued in India. Promotion code JETDAX20 needs to be applied for domestic tickets and JETIAX20 for international tickets. You could use any American Express card, not just the co-branded one.

For international flights, you would actually be saving substantial money. Take a look for instance on a random flight pricing from Mumbai to Hong Kong in February 2017.


I’d recommend if you have any flights to book for this year, maybe now is a good time to plan it out and lock it in. 20% off is a very liberal deal! The last such promotion had a restriction to travel in March 2017, but this one has no time limits.

Are you going to be using the Jet Airways American Express promotion for booking any flights?


  1. Hi Ajay,

    Just wanted to know, does this discount only for cards that have been given American Express itself or it holds true for other banks cards too that run on the American express platform like IndusInd Iconia, IndusInd Odyssey, ICICI Sapphiro Amex etc? Please clarify.

    • I have an ICICI American Express HPCL Coral credit card. The discount offer worked for me with this card. Basically, any card that is on Amex Payment Gateway.

  2. pls remove my comment just posted ; reg not able to book jet tickets with 20% discount on AMEX

    i tried booking beyond 15 days limit for domestic; sorry

  3. Good info; Thanks

    I am trying to book on JETAIRWAYS website ; not successful

    The website takes you till the payment screen and then says “Booking error”

    The screenshot is as below
    SCREENSHOT of the message

    Booking Creation Error

    Sorry, there has been an error processing your request.

    Please try again. If the problem persists, please call our Contact
    Centre for assistance”

    Can you please suggest something; I tried explaining to Jet on mail and phone; No results so far

  4. This seems to work only for the international destinations served by Jet. I tried to price a BLR->SYD itinerary and that did not show the discount.

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