Deal: Make your travel 20% cheaper with Cleartrip gift cards

Snapdeal and Amazon are running a solid promotion at the moment on Cleartrip Gift Cards which can allow you to take the cost of buying an air ticket down by up to 20% on buying these gift cards.


Like you can see, the Cleartrip Gift Cards are available with 20% discount at the moment. Each voucher can be of the following denomination INR 1000/2000/3000/5000 and discounts may be different as a new round of stock comes in. The vouchers are instantly emailed to you with the codes and the PINs. Each voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

For Snapdeal, you can just use this link and land up on this landing page below, where you can choose the denomination you want. Multiple gift cards can be purchased in the same transaction by adding to the Cart. If you use an HDFC Credit Card, you may also get 5x points this weekend. image

With Amazon, you need to use this link and land up on the page below. The maximum discount is currently on the INR 1000 vouchers and you will need to apply the voucher code CTUPTO20 on the payment page at the bottom, when it turns up as promotion balance.


Up to 3 vouchers can be used on a single booking on Cleartrip, and these can be applied for hotels and flight bookings.



If you have some travel lined up, this might be a great idea to pick up these gift cards right now and take them along for when you need them. 20% off travel costs is a solid deal and I will myself go and buy some of these for future use.

Are you picking up some discounted travel this weekend then? Do share your experiences with the Cleartrip Gift Cards.

(H/T: @Sengupta)


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