Convince me to fly Jet Airways First Class Again!

Hello folks. It’s Friday and one of those days when I’m sure all of us are planning the evening pub crawls or turning in early to take a weekend trip out of town tomorrow. Hey, after all, life is all about getting on a plane, right?

I need some help here with an ultimate First World Problem, so I thought I’d look at all of you for your words of wisdom on this one. Thing is, I have a trip coming up this weekend on the long-range workhorse of Jet Airways, the Boeing 777-300ER.

I’m booked into one of my favourite business class products in the world, since this would be one of the herringbone layout seats from Jet on this one. I always look forward to being on these flights since I usually can just get my little midnight snack and a glass of Billecart Salmon 2006, and then watch some movies and knock myself out for 4 hours of sleep or so. Given there is no wifi on these planes, it is an easy decision to make. Here are some trip reports on how that worked out in the past. Domestic on BOM – DEL and International on BOM-BRU

A very comfortable flatbed seat, better in my opinion than the A333 Business Class seat

A 15-inch screen with a reasonably wide range of movies and entertainment

However, given that the service is now on the B77W instead of the A332 which also has the same product, there is the option of flying in First Class as well. I flew the First Class on Jet Airways SIN-BOM last month, and here is what I got in terms of the hard product. The Service aspect was slightly better but not top of the line.

IMG_9551A bigger, nicer seat


Perhaps a better food menu, although my Indian meal choice was unimpressive


A bigger television than Business Class


Bose noise-cancelling Headphones

Thing is, I’ve flown some of the other best First Class products in the world now, such as Etihad Apartments and Singapore Airlines Suites Class and while Jet Airways’ product was industry leading when it arrived, with a closed-suite and everything, it isn’t the best on the market now. The highlights I give you up there are incrementally better than the Business Class, not step changes for me.

 Etihad Airways’ First Apartments

Singapore Airlines Suites

The ask however, to get in is substantial. Jet Airways is quoting INR 45,000 for an upgrade to F, or of course I could get them 5 upgrade vouchers or 65,000 JPMiles. Thing is, 65K JPMiles would get me a few more trips, and same for the vouchers. When it is 1 voucher on a regional upgrade, I’m not so stingy thinking about it, or 3 for an intercontinental trip is also okay. Here, I already have a good product, but the ask from good to incrementally good seems to be a lot, and I am confused. Paying 45,000 INR is of course off the table. So should I go back into my middle of the Boeing Business Class seat, or should I upgrade to first with miles or vouchers?

Oh, and the same question I asked on Twitter too.

What would you guys do if you were in this situation??? What am I not seeing here? Or is it just temptation.

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  1. Last I remember it was 3 vouchers for Ex Bombay – Europe and 5 for North America ex Bombay. Totally worth 3 vouchers!

      • My Bad. Only If you have excessive vouchers go for first class – their product is nothing great . Being a Plat, I only get 5 per annum so I rather use it for eco to biz upgrade which is really good value for vouchers .

  2. 65K miles are very important may be 3 return trips to your fav destination Goa in jet premiere as per as your report it’s not hard to tell that it’s not even worth 5 vouchers instead you can upgrade other short hall flights from economy to business would save you great deal of money and final call is your Sir 😉

  3. Just be glad you are on Jet Airways and not Air India (written in the context of just reading the review of Air India’s long haul business class on The Points Guy blog).

  4. I was looking around for a decent business class flight for my parents holiday last year and found it ridiculous to pay such large amounts on most flights. The amount airlines charge in the name of business or first class is not at all justified. Being a regular Emirates flyer i would rather pay a bit more than accept average service for a business class price. They ended up flying Emirates Business from Dubai to Thailand that i would say was the best value for money.

  5. Stay in Premiere, As a Platinum you will be on top of the list for complimentary cabin upgrade to First, If your flight gets overbooked.

  6. Have flown F several times from LHR-BOM when the flight was overbooked . I would not spend more than 10k miles for this since a bigger TV and a slightly better seat does not qualify to burn 64K -Miles

    EK or EY on the other hand is worth it.

    Bon Voyage..

  7. I am a platinum member with Jet Airways and have flown both business and First Class between India and London on their 777-300. To be honest their First Class is now very ordinary and not worth the upgrade either by voucher miles or cash. They have been serving Bollinger champagne for the last 7 years on this route, its not one of the best champagnes (have you heard of any airline that has served the same brand of champagne for 7 years) and further they serve the same brand of champagne in both Business and First. There is no other choice available in First. ( again I have never seen any airline do that!) secondly their food in first class is 70% similar to business class. I ordered chicken biryani in First and when i went to Business to meet a colleague who was also travelling I was shocked to see that the same dish, same size was also being served in Business class. Certainly the Business menu was being shared with First and not the other way around. As regards other beverages there is hardly any major brand differentiation except that they serve Blue Label and Oban whisky in First but serve only Black label in business. Wines are different but of similar league compared to Business and not worth First class. In terms of comfort, yes the First is a shade better as it has a wider seat, bigger TV, bose speakers but thats pity much it. Not worth all the extra cost miles or vouchers. Jet Airways has really gone downhill from what it was 5-6 years back and their senior management is in no mood to bring it back to where it was as they always keep finding ways to reduce costs. Same brand of Champagne for 7 years speaks volumes of the priority they give to their commercial interests with the vendor who is giving them discounts instead of focussing on innovating guest experience. Stay put in Business dont give them extra cash, they dont deserve it.

  8. have used both , safe to say F is just a much better seat . Food is equally unimpressive , service is AT BEST 10 % BETTER . would personally never burn my miles or voucher for the Z to F upgrade . not worth at all .

  9. I don’t think it is value for money. If I were you, and given the circumstances, I would not opt for an upgrade. Emirates allows you to upgrade after you have boarded. If Jet allows that, and if you are really compelled to burn those 65K miles then do it after boarding.

    • @pag Yes I saw and I was disappointed as well. Coz I had to slum it out in a broken 737 with a soggy meal in Premiere when I chose to upgrade.

  10. Stick with J. Your present seat is comfortable enough. And we all know those extra hard earned miles are not worth the Jet Airways first class

  11. Business class is always best when flying alone and not very long haul flights. Flat beds and good meals. What more do you require. Spend the 45k on a better hotel imho.

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