Club Vistara to be reworked by August 2016

On the launch of Vistara, one of the nicest things they did was to launch with a working frequent flyer program. Club Vistara, as they called it, was a loyalty benefits-cum-points accumulation program. They were the first program in India which worked on providing points on the basis of fare spent (although Air India also does the same, technically!) rather than distance flown.

The program unveiled itself in patches, with the redemptions announced a few months after the first flight took place, and going online much later due to system limitations. Along the way, the airline forged a partnership with parent Singapore Airlines to earn and burn as well. When I did the maths, I figured it was not loaded towards an easy way to being an elite, which would have been nice for the airline because it could have differentiated them from the competition and given them some easy hooks into the not so loyal Indian customers. Anyhow, now everyone can have status with them, once they sign up for their co-branded credit cards.

However, all this is supposed to change now. In a month or so, the airline expects to rework their frequent flyer program and present a new package to the customers. This was announced at the launch of the credit card by the CCO of the airline Mr. Sanjiv Kapoor.

No details are out yet, but I expect the program to be matching the Indian aviation industry now, to be able to offer points/miles basis distance flown rather than just on the basis of revenue. I also expect them to add upgrade vouchers for elites, given that this is a feature both their full-service competitors are doing at the moment in different capacities.

I’ll be updating you once we know more details about this, but here is hoping to a more consumer friendly program going forward!

Readers, what is your wishlist for Club Vistara? I’d love to hear more!

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  1. @ Ajay, Thanks for info.
    Vouchers & Lounge Access
    AXIS Bank should offer more CV Points on Vistara Website!!!

  2. Hi Ajay,

    I really enjoy reading your blogs!, Do keep them coming.

    Did you get an email from Jet regarding the changes they are implementing on their frequent flyer program ?

    I am genuinely upset, I know it was a long time coming, they have now adopted the same system as Etihad has (rewarding flyers with the type of booking class they have), but it’s quite disappointing.

    Do let me know your thoughts, I am a FF with Jet, but with a few really bad experiences with them, I’ve contemplated changing loyalties to some one else (any suggesstions, I fly international mainly), unfortunately we never had anything half as decent as them in our domestic sector, hopefully Club Vistara does something better.


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