Citibank Prestige & PremierMiles 20% conversion bonus to British Airways Avios

Citibank has a promotion currently operational, where a 20% bonus will be applied to converting your Citibank PremierMiles/ Citi Prestige points (for cards issued in India), to British Airways’ Avios.


For reference, Citi PremierMiles convert from 2 PremierMiles = 1 Avios currently, but with this promotion, you get 2 PremierMiles = 1.2 Avios. Similarly, for Citi Prestige points, they usually convert as 1 Citi Prestige Reward Point = 4 Avios, but with this promotion, you get 1 Prestige Point = 4.8 Avios.

Citi points usually transfer to BA within 48 hours, while the official timeline is 5 days. The bonus is usually posted along with the miles from the transfer. If you are planning a summer vacation, or any other trips using BA Avios redemptions, it may be a good idea to do the transfer and lock in tickets within a few days before there are redemption changes to BA’s program.

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    • @KS there is no link. You need to call the bank and they initiate the transfer. Too late now because the miles may or may not hit within 24 hours

  1. Dear Krishna , could u plz help in sharing the more details of this offer of Etihad because I am not able to find the same on its website. Could you plz post the link to the promotion. thx

  2. AJ,

    Etihad is also offering 25% bonus on Converting Citimiles ( Premier Miles, Rewards and Ultima only. No mention of Citi Prestige) tilll15 May. I don’t know why this discrimination with Citi India Prestige card holders since Citi USA prestige holders are getting the benefit.

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