Citi double points on online purchases today

Citi double points on purchases made online using all Citibank Credit Cards and Debit Cards only today, April 10, 2018. That means, any Citibank Card you use, you get 2X of the usual points for your purchases today. On Accelerated Categories as well, it means double the points on your usual accelerated points as well.

Here is the schedule for the double points on Credit Cards.For Debit Cards, the additional rewards are as follows!

All the extra points are going to be credited 15 days after the promotion is over. Here is a complete list of the T&C for this promotion.


This is a great surprise promotion from Citibank. If you have any plans to do online shopping, perhaps right now is a good time to head to Flipkart or Amazon and swipe away!


  1. T& C mentions- The above Offer is by way of a special offer for select Citi Credit and debit card only

      • There is no direct link or reference to this promotion on Citibank website. I was wondering, if this isn’t a targeted offer, how does the bank believe that the customers will come to know of existence such offer?

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