Christmas Giveaway! 8 Jet Airways upgrades for holiday travel

6 Gone, 2 to go!

It has been an excellent year for LiveFromALounge regarding readership, and holiday travel is just getting started. While for me, holiday travel is just coming to a close for the year. A longtime reader of the website decided to play Father Christmas, and give away five upgrade vouchers which are going to be useful for those who are travelling over the next few days, as the vouchers are going to expire by the end of the month. I’d like to thank Elroy Monis for this gesture. Also Manish Singh and Harsha Balakrishnan who’ve jumped in with their upgrades!

If you remember, Jet Airways earlier this year had made the process of using upgrade vouchers digital. This means you won’t need a physical voucher to be able to use the upgrade. Remember, for Economy to Business Class upgrades; the following is the requirement:

  • Less than 1500 Miles: 1 Voucher
  • Between 1501 and 3000: 2 Vouchers
  • Between 3001 and 4750: 3 Vouchers

Also, the following criteria exist regarding fare choices:

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So, if you have an upcoming booking with travels on Jet Airways before the end of the year 2018, the upgrade could be yours. However, before you send in your request for the voucher, please check if there is confirmed upgrade space available for the voucher upgrade to be applied, since the vouchers can be transferred only once and hence, you won’t be able to transfer the vouchers again.

Here are the steps to follow to ensure you are going to be able to take the upgrade:

  • Please check if your PNR is eligible for the upgrade in the first place using the information above
  • Please check if there is upgrade space available (award inventory is shared with upgrade space)
  • Priority will be given to requests where upgrade space is already available and can be readily confirmed.

Once you are sure, please send me an email at a (at) with the following information:

  • Name of Traveller(s)
  • Phone Number and Email Address of the Traveller(s)
  • PNR and Date of Travel
  • Number of upgrade vouchers required
  • Available upgrade space on your flight? Y/N
  • JetPrivilege number if available

If you post this information in the comments section here, no one at LFAL will be responsible for your private information being used in a manner not intended. I will try and send over Elroy all the information in one go sometime today and connect the confirmed seekers with Elroy at the earliest. If someone would like to return the favour to him by sharing upgrade vouchers with him, let me know, and I’ll connect you guys as well.

Additionally, if someone else wants to upgrade someone, we are here to help. Drop me a line as well.

Safe Travels guys! And Happy Holidays!

And thank you, Father Christmas Elroy, Manish and Harsha!

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  1. Don’t think anyone else has any near expiry upgrade vouchers? 😛
    Wouldn’t mind using that for that early morning flight.

  2. The upgrade is a good gesture!! Keeping off my travel with 9W, as their Customer service has gone upside down over the last few months. Glitches in booking and then charged cancellation, Failed verifications in Member+, abrupt changes in Tier balance a week before evaluation dates . . etc. This once great loyalty program is headed southwards; Enjoy the vouchers, while they last.

  3. Loved this. Not flying but happy to see using the community to help in giving someone that extra comfort or chance to travel on style for first time and what not..

    Kudos to all the secret Santa’s (saw another Samaritan did same for another commentator)

    P.S.- Anyone knows if the upgrade vouchers/milee of jet can be used on Emirates for upgrade?

  4. Pleasure is all mine. Merry Christmas to you all. I have already sent one voucher across. You may send a mail as instructed by Ajay with the required information and I will be happy to send the voucher across. Wishing you all a wonderful year 2019. Happy Travelling!

  5. Hi!
    I’m flying DEL-PNQ on 27th Dec. would love to upgrade 😀

    Details are as follows –
    Name – Suhail Vadgaokar
    No. – 9820342412
    Date – 27/12/2018
    Upgrade elligibilty – yes
    Space available- yes
    No. of vouchers – 1
    JP no. – 128563643

    Thanks Ugrade Santa! ☺️

  6. Great gesture by Elroy for becoming a upgrade Santa . I am booked by business on 9w to BKK else would have availed this offer. Anyway thanks to Elroy, Ajay for this. Seasons greetings to LFAL team & all the readers.

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