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Emirates commercial flights planned resumption in July 2020; new service protocols in place

Emirates Commercial flights are planned to be resumed on July 1 for the moment. However, Emirates has put in place new service protocols which involve strictly no meals except on long-haul flights (repacked) and social distancing measures. No cabin bags allowed as well.

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All airlines operating in/to India directed to stop accepting reservations for flights from May 4, 2020

All the airlines operating inside India, as well as operating flights to India, have been told to stop the sale of flights to/from/within India till further notice, to make sure that the airlines won’t be able to take new reservations for the time being.

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Indian airlines are getting away with a LOT in the times of the Virus

The time to EFFECTIVELY regulate the airlines is now, but unfortunately, they are getting a free hand at doing a lot of things which they should not be doing at the moment. Consumer protection is not how it should have been during the times of CoVid-19.

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Air India opens booking for international flights on June 1, 2020

Air India has opened up reservations for flights abroad from June 1, 2020. This may be indicative of the timeline when most airlines will be able to actually open up future international flights in line with getting over with CoVid-19. Social Distancing on the plane will be practiced on the plane as well.

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Why all the Credit Shell schemes being offered by airlines are a BAD deal and need regulation.

Airlines have been very kind to us offering a “credit shell” while they should have kindly returned our cash when they ended up in the CoVid-19 Soup. But these credit shells are flawed and have many issues, so take a look at these issues before you accept them.

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Don’t book tickets for travel from May 4, 2020 at the moment

Time for the same thing to go round and round. Airlines have opened booking for flights from May 4, 2020 onwards, however, our advice remains the same. Don’t book a flight ticket at the moment if you don’t have to. You never know if this flight is going to take off or not.

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