DEAL: 10% Off + INR 5000 Cashback for British Airways tickets

British Airways ties up from time to time with Citibank, who are their bankers in India, and offers their customers a discount for booking with the airline. Personally, I am a British Airways Gold customer, so I do use the discount from time to time to be able to fly BA and credit those miles to my BA account.

British Airways Discount Code Citibank

Citibank / BA are offering 10% discount on base fare if you travel from their Indian stations (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad) to go over to the UK, USA, Canada and various points in Europe. Discounts are available using this specific link, and you need to make your reservation on BA before May 31, 2018, for travel out of India originating by December 31, 2018.

How to Find?

You need to follow the microsite link shared by Citibank and then look for flight results which say discounted. For instance, these.

British Airways Citibank Discount

Remember, you can use any Citi Credit or Debit card to get this discount. Needless to say, the cards need to be issued in India. To get the INR 5000 Cashback, you would have to ensure that your ticket value is at least INR 30,000, which should not be a problem I see. You get the cashback on EMI transactions as well. The cashback comes in within 90 days of the booking date.


This is another great promotion from BA, however, I wish they would make this a year long promotion rather than renew it every few months. I’ve gotten some good savings in the past using this promo.

Are you going to be using this promotion for your upcoming travels with British Airways?


  1. How easy or hard would it be to get a weeks tourist VISA to UK if one books flights in this offer to fly in June?

  2. Can u elaborate on reaching the BA Gold status, i mean it needs so many tier points which cannot be done thru credit cards right?

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