Breaking: Jet Airways redemption award chart gutting without any notice!

Update: Jet Airways came back with a clarification. Check here.

The ball has dropped. This is unofficial but a developing story. Okay, enough for the sensationalism. This morning, I was playing around with the Jet Airways website, trying to tuck in a redemption or few. I hadn’t gotten in on their up to 50% off sale fare, so I wanted to make some redemptions to go places.

I noticed that there are changes in the award chart. Get some water, gulp it down, and then lets go over the changes till the end.

Domestic Redemptions: Between –30 to +20% miles in most cases from October 2014

Here is a link to the old redemption chart. While I did not manage to compare all sectors, I do notice a trend, that redemptions are usually about 20%-30% cheaper in terms of miles as compared to the earlier rate, and in some cases, 20% more expensive. I can live with that I’d say. Here are some sectors for comparison sake. Although I invite you to add your observations in the comments section as well about sectors you see going up or down.


Now, get a shot of tequila before you read this

International Redemptions: Getting gutted to the core with 60% more miles required!


International redemptions have not been Jet Airways’ sweet spot for the longest time. They price your redemptions on a per flight basis, add huge fuel surcharges, sometimes good enough for the price of a new economy ticket itself, and then want to take away your miles as well as lots of money from you for travelling on their own metal! And now, they are treading a line which is not even funny. As I see the redemptions for August 1, 2014 I see a new redemption rate for most international sectors, and this has not gone down but up in case of all mid-long haul flights.



And you can’t even catch the bus anymore. This morning, the new rates have been loaded in the online booking system, and if you have not booked your award ticket so far, you can’t get in on the old rates anymore. Errata. BOM-EWR is 150000 and I will update the excel later again (I deleted the draft!)

Eh, I don’t appreciate these changes from Jet Airways at all. But what I don’t appreciate even more, is the lack of notice. People work to accumulate miles towards their aspirational vacations. In this case, with the stroke of a mouse, someone has moved the goalpost much much ahead. This is a loss of credibility in the airline business, very much so.

The right way to make any changes is to give people notice that changes will come ahead, and give them a few days or weeks to redeem at the old pricing before sneaking these changes in. THIS IS JUST NOT DONE.

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  1. Hi Ajay,
    Been following your blog for long but have been a silent observer till now…. But, I guess this is big enough to get a comment out of me too. You’re absolutely right, ITS JUST NOT DONE. I always thought that airlines follow some kind of logic when determining the miles between two points. Now Jet has defied all logic. Air India seems such a good choice now (never though I would say that). AI DEL-LHR in Economy is 25000 miles, guess how many is the new Jet Chart showing….42500 miles…Thankfully, I’ve been offloading my miles on Jet and got a great deal during their 50% promo…..Guess, they are trying to match their redemption miles with Etihad… Eh????

  2. Ajay first of all allow me to congratulate you on your writing skills, secondly I have a question:
    What makes you guys (Ajay you topping the list) so faithful to “JET” ?
    Am a frequenter on Del-Sin-Del and the day I came to know about them playing winglets on this route (I mean seriously???) this airlines was thrown right out from my list, I mean just imagine how gutsy these ppl are 😮 playing winglets on this route and fare wise trying to compete SQ and AI who’ve deployed their A380s and Dreamliners respectively on this route.

    • @Hemant, I guess I won’t comment much on that. Yes, they are plying 737s on a route competing with A380 and B787, but maybe that is the correct equipment for the loads they are getting, and they shouldn’t be throwing capacity specially given their financial state at the moment.

  3. I noticed it too,

    A Typical Hyd-Mum one way is 4400 Miles, at least that is the rate at which I redeemed last time couple of months ago.
    Today when I checked in the morning, I saw the rate at 6000 Miles…

  4. So flying First class BOM-LHR is cheaper than Business? ROFL! Plus, I think you meant 150000 for BOM-EWR.

    That’s a massive hit though.

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