Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones are on sale

One of the constant companion of travellers is the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones. While I love my in-ear QC20, perhaps one of the best known ones produced by Bose still continue to be the Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones. These are the most comfortable of the lot and help kill the engine noise on a plane like nothing else I’ve experienced before.


Today, Amazon.In is offering these headphones on an amazing price, which makes them even cheaper than the price they are being sold in the USA right now (which is USD 299 plus taxes). For the longest time, India prices were on markup to the USA prices at INR 25000, but now this seems like a great opportunity to pick up a set if you are in the market for one, with 35% off the list price at INR 16,000. Bose products are usually not on sale, so this is an opportunity for those who want a pair.



I’ve been a Bose fan ever since I got my first pair, and while there are other headphones that exist and I’ve tried, the Bose range works best for me. Customer Service is good, and the product hardly needs fixing if you use it right in the first place. Do consider the Bose QC25 on this great price if you are in the market for a pair!


  1. Hi Ajay,

    Been a long time reader of your blog and I love it 🙂

    While the readers do appreciate your efforts in sharing this deal (and many others), it would be sincere (and ethical) if you could let the readers know that these are affiliate links (for e.g. here on amazon tag=liv07-21 in the URL) and you will be benefiting from the sale. I know one can see affiliate links on ‘support our blog’ area too but including this in every post (which have such links to deals) as a footer would be great. It’ll help raise transparency and trust on your blog.

    This is just an honest suggestion and whether you choose to ‘moderate’ this comment or not is up to you.

    P.S. I’m doing a study on ethics in social media hence the nitpicking.



    • @Rishabh, feedback accepted. We would anyways be implementing disclosures in the next version of the site. As for the question of benefiting from the sale, I’d like to remark that over the past 5.5 years, I’m sure I’ve put in money, time and miles worth millions on the blog and the best remuneration I receive is the love of the folks.

      As for money, I guess not even 0.01% capital invested in the blog has been recouped with any sort of affiliate sales. Transparency is important in a scenario such as the US where bloggers are really supported for their efforts by purchases being made through their affiliate links. In India, most would be happy to take the information but not use their affiliate links to be able to give back.

      • @Ajay, fair point and I agree with what you’ve said regarding the effort or capital to affiliate sales ratio.

        I hope you don’t take it (my feedback) otherwise ;-).

  2. Thanks Ajay, this was available at approximately 20000 last week, the current promotion is a great price. If only it was black.

  3. H Ajay, thanks for the tip 🙂 . However, maybe a clarification that the deal is only for the white one can be inserted. Black is still at full retail of 25,200

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