JAL will launch Bangalore – Tokyo Narita Flight in 2020

Just a short while ago, I wrote about how Japan and India have been cooperating very well, but there has been a lack of direct flights between the two countries. Mumbai has only one direct flight to Tokyo on ANA, Delhi has three flights, one from Air India, JAL and ANA each. There will be a new ANA Chennai Tokyo flight coming this winter. Right after that announcement, came another confirmation, about a Bangalore Tokyo Direct flight from JAL next year.

Starting in summer 2020, JAL will begin to operate flights from Tokyo Narita to Bangalore, India, marking the first direct connection between Tokyo and Bangalore. This will be the second destination in India that JAL will offer service to. JAL intends to use this flight as a new connection option to travel to the United States, and not just targetting O&D traffic.

JAL has announced the following details for this flight.

JLxxx BLR 0245 1425 NRT 788 D

JLxxx NRT 1825 0005(+1) BLR 788 D

Most of JAL’s flights to the USA depart between 5:20 – 6:30 pm from Tokyo, except Chicago and Dallas, where American Airlines leaves in the evening. So there is good connectivity, apart from San Francisco, since that is Tokyo Haneda. Flights return from the USA to Tokyo Narita around 4:30 pm so convenient connections again to Bangalore.

Again, JAL’s flight is premium heavy, so there will be tonnes of opportunities to fly the JAL Sky Suites, which is one of the best business class products out there.

What do you think about this large addition of flights to Japan in just one day?


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