Bangalore Airport runway closure in 2017

While Mumbai is indeed at the receiving end of a ton of passenger discomfort and high fares at the moment due to a runway closure this month on a few days. I myself envisage being affected by this runway closure in the coming days.

It was also heard, but now confirmed, that Bangalore will be closing down their solitary runway from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM everyday from February 19 to April 30, 2017, to be able to improve infrastructure such as rapid exit taxiways. This will mean that most domestic operations will be hit at Bangalore during this timeframe (international flights largely arrive overnight).

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While this may be a lean period, the longish period totally foxes me, because as a frequent domestic traveller to Bangalore, this would mean there will be additional stress either to stay the night in Bangalore, or do an early morning/late night schedule.

If you are planning Bangalore trips, do keep the closure in mind.

Does this affect your Bangalore travel schedule?

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      • I hope there is no increase in prices but going by what’s happening at Ahmedabad, I am not very hopeful. At Ahmedabad, the runway closes during the same duration and for Mumbai-Ahmedabad sector, flights arriving at around 9 AM and departing at 6 PM are the unrealistically expensive. Only the early morning or late night flights which are reasonably priced.

      • @Abhinav, its simply supply-demand. Airlines cannot squeeze in all the flights with curtailed runway operations & hence they will have to cancel a few meaning same demand has to be met by lesser supply. I m sure prices will go up!

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