More AwardWallet+ codes just in case you missed round 1

Yep, this is a trick from Lucky’s book at One Mile At A Time, but I thought I’d post another tranche of AwardWallet+ codes. I posted the first tranche of 50 codes earlier this morning India Time AM, and if you all missed a code there, here is another 50 for you. Please refer to the earlier post for information about the codes and how to apply them.

Invite-106355-AHNZS – use coupon
Invite-106355-ALGZL – use coupon
Invite-106355-CPOOM – use coupon
Invite-106355-CTXDD – use coupon
Invite-106355-DJKLE – use coupon
Invite-106355-DPTHY – use coupon
Invite-106355-DPYKP – use coupon
Invite-106355-ELJXE – use coupon
Invite-106355-FBIUH – use coupon
Invite-106355-GBCKD – use coupon
Invite-106355-GIOFU – use coupon
Invite-106355-HDOVZ – use coupon
Invite-106355-HGNWR – use coupon
Invite-106355-HMQPG – use coupon
Invite-106355-HSRWK – use coupon
Invite-106355-HTKPY – use coupon
Invite-106355-IJQWJ – use coupon
Invite-106355-IKJMQ – use coupon
Invite-106355-IZTTL – use coupon
Invite-106355-JJSPR – use coupon
Invite-106355-JTQOD – use coupon
Invite-106355-KFMIQ – use coupon
Invite-106355-KSIVI – use coupon
Invite-106355-LHVHX – use coupon
Invite-106355-LLAUX – use coupon
Invite-106355-MIGID – use coupon
Invite-106355-MOVCK – use coupon
Invite-106355-NRETR – use coupon
Invite-106355-OJODY – use coupon
Invite-106355-OTMYR – use coupon
Invite-106355-PCCDK – use coupon
Invite-106355-QPWUE – use coupon
Invite-106355-QRNHF – use coupon
Invite-106355-RAECP – use coupon
Invite-106355-RTOHT – use coupon
Invite-106355-RWORR – use coupon
Invite-106355-STHGO – use coupon
Invite-106355-TNEJD – use coupon
Invite-106355-TZLOG – use coupon
Invite-106355-UFJIJ – use coupon
Invite-106355-UYEPB – use coupon
Invite-106355-VAXIJ – use coupon
Invite-106355-VCDFL – use coupon
Invite-106355-VLEJV – use coupon
Invite-106355-VWQAC – use coupon
Invite-106355-VYSXC – use coupon
Invite-106355-WUBJB – use coupon
Invite-106355-XJYKI – use coupon
Invite-106355-XSVQA – use coupon
Invite-106355-YJEBU – use coupon

All the best guys!

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