And we’re back!

I know I’ve conveniently been on mute mode for the past one week or so. Like I’d last posted, the BoardingArea servers were undergoing upgrade for a couple of days. However, this was also the time when I had to quickly pack my bags and be away on a work schedule in Dubai and Hong Kong. And you know what, the whole airfare pricing paradigm, which charges you way more for one-way tickets internationally made sure I had to fly back to Mumbai via Dubai as well. I was not flexible in my timings in Dubai, otherwise I’d have loved to have transited at Mumbai/Delhi and would have done BOM-DXB-BOM/DEL-HKG-BOM.


Anyhow, after slogging in the back of the bus mostly, I am now back into Mumbai and heading to the spa soon, to make up for the atrocities on my back which were committed by the Emirates 10-across seating.

Stay tuned for regular scheduled updates, and more! Also, a quick reminder that I’m organising the first meet-up in Mumbai in a couple of weeks, and you could sign-up here.

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