Amex offering 40K MR points for hotel bookings

American Express has recently launched their travel portal in India at, and they are running promotions all the time to get people interested in the proposition. For instance, you get one Membership Rewards point extra for every INR 100 spent (on eligible prepaid hotels) over and above the ones you’d earn on your regular spend, and you get extra points for booking with select carriers. You can also redeem your points at their travel portal. I’m not aware of any USPs of booking via Amex Travel yet, because I haven’t come across any (I don’t have the Platinum to access the Fine Hotels & Resorts)

Now, Amex has come up with a new promotion to get people to book some International Hotels on their cards.


Essentially, they are offering 10K bonus MR points for up to 2 international hotel stay transactions, through July and August 2016. These bonus points will be credited to your account within two weeks of making the reservation. Here are all the Terms & Conditions.

If you do love your Membership Rewards points, perhaps this is a good promotion to pick up and run with.

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  1. Hi Ajay sir,

    The AMEX customer rep saying this offer is valid only to their gold charge card and platinum charge card. so my platinum travel card not eligible for this?

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