American Express withdraws the Kingfisher Credit Card!

With the airline no longer in existence, Amex finally pulled the plug on their co-branded credit card partnership with Kingfisher. All existing cardholders have been sent out individual letters (not emails, not announcements on the website…) about the decision of Amex to part ways with KFA. This could partly also be the influence of their recent partnership with Jet Airways for a credit card.

Here are the key details of what will happen now on for the existing KFA credit card holders:

  • Amex is replacing all the KFA cards with the Amex Platinum Travel card and all the card holders will receive the new card in their mail in a few days from now. Here are some details of the Amex Platinum Travel card. Till then, you can continue to use your KFA CC.
  • In 2011, Amex and KFA had decided to sweep all MR to KingMiles automatically. In 2012, given the unstable condition of the carrier, Amex reversed the decision. However, they are going to do nothing about the existing KingMiles accrued.
  • No further benefits will accrue as a consequence of the use of your KFA co-branded CC. So, for instance, the gold card and vouchers benefit goes away, anyways, the airline is defunct now so the loyalty program does not matter. As for the spend-linked tickets, if you have any left, you need to wait till Kingfisher takes wings again, if it does. I used up mine for the first year in 2011 itself.
  • For those members interested in getting a Jet Airways American Express Credit Card instead, the bank is offering it to them at a special reduced annual fee of Rs. 7,500 plus taxes. They do qualify for the 20,000 JP Miles welcome gift.

Further the FAQs state that the travel benefits of the new Platinum Travel Credit Card will be computed from your last year’s start or renewal date, and will be made available to you within 90 days of new card issuance. So, Amex has not exactly left you in the lurch totally, but partly.

If you have any questions, do drop me a line or a comment here and I’ll try my best to answer.

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  1. First off, need to Thank you for all the useful information you have shared. My question.
    I paid Rs. 25000 to get the card for life time membership.I had 60000 plus spend points or Reward points which got translated to king miles.(I am not mentioning my wasted tickets which I got by spending over 5 lacs/year) These points were all accumulated before kingfisher went under or the relationship between king fisher and american express went sour. I was told as I understood that I could not redeem miles but I will get American Express reward points into my account from king miles and in addition will receive the Platinum Card. The card I received but the miles never got posted. Upon calling them they said all miles are lost. Sorry. These miles are my spent miles and not earned by travelling on the King fisher airlines. Can you suggest/help a recourse. Thanks

  2. what happens to all the spends accumulated on the amex/kf card that resulted in a mileage balance on the king club ac?

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