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While I mostly focus on hotel chains, there are many a times I also end up staying at Airbnb as well. For those times when you have a lot of people to go with, it certainly is a better option to rent out an apartment rather than rent out multiple rooms.

Airbnb already has partnerships with Delta and Qantas, with 1 mile earned per USD/AUD spent. Now, British Airways has made a partnership with Airbnb, which will allow you to earn British Airways Avios for your Airbnb stays going forward. Here is how your Airbnb Avios points earning works.


Earning British Airways Avios for Airbnb stays

You can now earn three Avios per £1/€1/$1 spend spent with Airbnb worldwide.If you are staying for the first time with Airbnb, you will get an extra 500 Avios as a welcome bonus.

airbnb avios points

To be able to earn these Avios, you need to make your booking through the British Airways Airbnb website. This is the only way to have British Airways and Airbnb track your stays to earn BA Avios, and not directly via the Airbnb website. You should receive your Avios within 60 days of the booking date.

Not just that, if you choose to host your apartment on Airbnb, you also get to receive a one-time bonus of 8,000 Avios for listing your property on Airbnb, when you receive your first booking.



Out of the three options available for Airbnb, Avios is the best given that you earn more points for the same amount of spend, and additionally, the use case of Avios is more global in my view. I definitely intend to try this out very soon, and report back about how my experience went with earning Avios.

Do you plan on taking advantage of this Airbnb British Airways partnership?

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