Air India Vande Bharat Mission Phase 4 adding 36 flights to/from USA. Bookings start today!

It is no secret that the stoppage of commercial air travel over the past few months has left a lot of people stranded in India and also left a lot of Indians left stranded abroad. With this in mind, Air India was assigned the task of bringing back Indians from across the globe. Ideally, they are best suited for the mission given their wide-body aircraft portfolio. But Air India has been selling tickets on both legs for many flights, while the costs per seat were arrived at with the assumption that the outward leg would fly empty.

There has been a great rush for Air India’s flights, especially to and from the USA, with flights selling out three minutes after opening bookings. This also has been because a minimal number of flights have been operated in the first month of the repatriation flights mission. After a flurry of flights in Phase 3 to the USA, and the rap on the knuckles from the US DoT, in the fourth phase there were hardly any flights to the USA.

Now, given that there will be an inability to operate many such flights after July 22, Air India is flooding the schedule with 36 flights that are flying from Mumbai/Delhi to New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington DC, which are the existing ports of call in the USA. Not just that, as we wrote before, Air India has also quietly dropped the fare of these flights.

Here are some flight schedules for flights outwards from India.

Flights from India to the USA during Vande Bharat Phase 4 (Information as of June 5, 2020)

New flights added are highlighted in orange below.

a table with numbers and names

Flights from the USA to India during Vande Bharat Phase 4 (Information as of June 5, 2020)

New flights added are highlighted in the orange border below.

a table with numbers and names

Of course, this is not the full schedule of flights. Here is the full schedule for your reference.

AirIndia Flight Booking Online for Vande Bharat Phase 4

Flights for India USA and USA India will be bookable at 2000 Hours IST ( 10:30 AM Eastern, 9:30 AM Central, 7:30 AM Pacific Time) on July 6, 2020. However, try a short while before the scheduled time of booking and you have a better shot at booking a ticket. Also, here are some tips to stay prepared for flight booking.

a white paper with black text and red text


If you are looking to fly back between India/USA, you should be ready to book your tickets. If Air India’s track record is anything to go by, get yourself a lot of patience to go by, and if you have multiple credit cards, keep them along as well. Air India’s website will get slammed at the opening hour, and things will go wrong before they go right. Also, given this is the last bunch of flights before the US-DOT requires approval for each flight, it is your best shot to fly out.

All the best!

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  1. Dear sir,
    When will the booking starts to travel from Delhi to Sanfrancisco In the month of August
    Please intimidate early.

  2. Are there any flights to San Francisco from Delhi on July 25.are there domestic flights to delhy from Chennai or Bangalore on July 25.

  3. Respected sir/madam we would like to go back to spain, is there any flight to barcelona or madrid, boz we would like to start our job…thanx

  4. Sic of #vbm flights. We want resumption of international flights as vbm is not affordabile. Allow other airlines to India and stop monopoly. We are waiting to go Australia. No flights at all. I don’t understand logic of using only ai flighs for repartation. 1000’s struggling to flyoff from India. There is no value for human rights in India as no one addresses issues of aviation especially for stranded Indians and even supreme court is quite. Some one should intervene and resume atleast limited no of flights from all other airlines to fly off from India .

  5. Sir, I came to nederlands on 30/1/2020 due to ban of international flights to India from here I stay from last 5 months hence arrange a VBM FLIGHT to jndia from here thanking you sir

  6. From paris try air france instead of waiting air india..I think there are are flights from paris to banglore for natives of pondicherry arranged by France.

  7. Why are not having Flights to Los Angeles. I have been waiting for a long time. I am senior citizen and I do not want to change to domestic one ,it has lots of hassle.
    Be kind and considerate to all Indians without having self interest.

  8. My new job in uae so plz start flight to uae
    Because I have no any job from last December to till

  9. Why they are not adding flights from jeddah (Saudi Arabia) to Delhi……. For past 2 months looking for flights and still waiting for it… Most of the flights from here are for Kerala States… No flight booking details are available in website… When we check all tickets are SOLD OUT… without starting booking its all sold out… Behind Vande Bharat Mission what type of Mission going on not able to understand…

  10. I am working in oman .before lock down came to job is rotation job.but due to lock down i stuck in me in india around 30 people same like me wirking in same company.Now five month pass i can not join my job due to internation flight ban..when normal international flight will start.we are earing foren currency for india.

  11. Dear Sir / Madam,
    Please confirm when are you going to start regular flights.
    It is over six months now we are holding our existing return flight tickets to London Heathrow UK from
    Dabolim Airport Goa India.
    We phoned our airlines agent and they refused to refund our money if we cancel our tickets. We do not have money to buy a new tickets by rescue flights. We are going through a tough time and we need your support and guidance. Thank you. Mr. M. A. Patel

  12. Pl start flight from Chicago to Ahmedabad as the rush is more to Ahmedabad instead of Delhi bcos public don’t prefer delhi due to high risk of Covid 19 so better land flight on those airport where corona is less effected

  13. how much is the fare in rupees going from Mimbai to Atlanta via Newark NJ
    I am a USCITIZEN ABOUT 80yrs old,any special fare.
    luggage two checked bags 23 kg & one handbag allowed.
    please let me know. God bless

  14. Pls provide international flight , my family in qatar …iam in india , pls provide flight from india to qatar …atleast card holders …thank u ..

  15. It was good to have Vande Bharat flights as to help people. Now, it is coming clear that Vande Bharat is a just a money making mission taking the advantage of stranded, confused harassed peoples.Air India should have allocated some seats to Air India return tickets holders to go back home No Govt/India is after money. Hell with peoples and PR. Time to start normal or near normal international air service

  16. Sir kindly suggest to lift travel ban on OCI card holders and American Indians tourist visa holders to visit India on nonemergency family compelling reasons.
    Thanks and kindest Regards,
    Padmanabha Rao yajamanam

  17. Kindly arrange flights from France (Nice/ Paris) as my son is still in Valbonne and he could not get flight to come back to Mumbai. His studies at Skema igot over and accomodation contract also is over. he is not able to get accomodation and expense is unaffordable. He finds difficult to stay from April 2020. he had booked flight on 01 April 2020 to come back to Mumbai but due to lockdown the flight got cancelled. pl consider our case favorably.

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