Air India Twitter Hacked by Turkish Hackers!

Air India, our flag carrier, has faced an unfortunate event overnight. Their Twitter Account (@AirIndiaIn) was hacked apparently by Turkish hackers last night, and they posted all sorts of incorrect information on the handle. Here is how it looked when Air India Twitter Hacked:

Air India Twitter Hacked

The tweet claimed that of Air India’s flights were cancelled and that here on they were going to reroute everyone on Turkish Airlines. The Twitter handle was also changed from @airindiain to @airindiaTR momentarily. The cover image was also changed to an image of a Turkish Airlines plane. The change of name led to Air India losing its verified handle for a while.

While this happened overnight, this was first confirmed by the airline on their Facebook page early this morning.

It seems the situation is back to normal now, as per Air India’s press statement given a short while ago. The Handle is already back to @AirIndiaIn, and the airline has also confirmed this. So it is now business, as usual, I would like to believe.

Clearly, this was an unfortunate event. One of the best things Air India did back in the day was to realise they could not run Twitter in-house, so when they launched, so they handed it out to a social media agency. However, I am not sure if those guys practised enough security measures to make this work properly. Or maybe the hackers were one-up on the airline.

I hope Air India learns from this and does a security audit of their social media infrastructure. For now, we are glad its over.

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