Air India ground staff on strike, flights delayed at Mumbai Airport

Air India’s Ground handling staff at Mumbai airport went on strike last night, leaving a flurry of flights in the limbo. The contractual workers worked under Air India Air Transport Services Limited.¬†Air India Air Transport Services Limited is responsible for loading and unloading of bags, apart from check-in functions for the airline. Air India Strike Latest News follows.

air india 787

Air India 787-8

The ground staff went on strike at 11 pm on the day of Diwali, demanding a Diwali bonus and reinstatement of three employees whose services were recently terminated. (Update: The Strike is now over)

The strike caused delays. AI 191 between Mumbai and Newark departed 2.30 hours late, and AI330 to Bangkok took off six hours after scheduled departure time. Air India had to call in permanent staff from their homes to help with the check-in process.

There is, of course, no status update from the airline at the moment, but many Air India travellers continue to report frustration with flying Air India out of Mumbai today on Twitter. They sometimes even got a five-minute notice from Air India about the delay in their flight departures.

While I am not flying today, I’m curious to hear from those who are flying about the delays.


  1. This is why I call you fake. You are anti Air India. The strike ended in few hours and daily you are posting this article on twitter. Either you dont know that strike has end or you want to put air india in bad name

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