Air India status matches work

Last week, I had written about the opportunity that existed to get Gold and Silver Status with Air India, depending on your Air India SBI Credit Card and your status with certain other competing airlines. While I had sent in my request for a status match a few days before I wrote about this post, I expected to do a follow-up or few with SBI Cards and/or Air India before getting this Gold Status, and I wasn’t even sure if I was going to get it or not. It did not matter much because at the moment I am a sporadic Air India flyer with most of my business with Jet Airways.

Anyhow, there was radio silence from the other side and I thought if nothing happened within another week or so, I would start to chase up. But last evening, after 14 days of writing to SBI with my Jet Airways Platinum details, I logged into my AI Flying Returns account and saw that my account had been converted to a Golden Edge Club account.



While the most interesting benefit for me is the lounge access (no clear policy on the website) and small cancellation fees on tickets, I expect that Air India will join the Star Alliance this year and then my benefits will also be applicable at the Star Alliance Gold level.

So, if you picked up an Air India SBI Credit Card and have status with a competing airline, you don’t need to wait to spend INR 10 Lakhs to be able to get Gold Status anymore. Just ask for this status match.

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