Air India servers down for 6 hours: 155 flights affected

No Air India flights operated from about 3:30 AM onwards to about 845 AM across airports in India and many across the globe, since the servers of Air India, which are hosted by SITA online, were down in a massive outage. That means people have been harrowed trying to find out when do they get on a plane.

The systems are restored now, but there will be a lot of chaos which is estimated to take about a day or two to fix up completely. An estimated 155 are going to be affected till 8:30 pm tonight, and passengers are misplaced all over the country. Air India is telling passengers that flights will be delayed throughout the day. Connections to Singapore, Bangkok and Kathmandu are hit.

  • 47 domestic Air India flights delayed by about 90 minutes
  • 21 Air India international flights delayed by about 102 minutes
  • 3 Air India Express flights delayed by about 47 minutes
  • 14 Alliance Air flights delayed by 100 minutes

Air India is providing those who are affected with hotel accommodation, and rebooking of flights as well. Although in my personal experience from over ten years back, Air India is usually so unprepared for this and does everything manually, so they would take a lot longer to fix this situation.

Here are some Air India flights which are rescheduled.

Also, it looks like the international flights towards Europe are not affected much due to their departures in the afternoon bank. Here is an updated schedule.

The best way to keep an eye, if you are travelling today, is to look at Air India’s social media because they have not even posted an update on their website for this situation.

Were you supposed to fly Air India today? What has been your experience with the way they processed things today?


  1. Hey Ajay,

    So today morning I had a flight AI640 BLR-BOM and while I arrived we heard about the chaos and even though a huge crowd was accumulating, the check-in staff was actually doing their level best to try to get passengers moving as quickly as possible.

    Some even wrote with a pen the details on the boarding passes such as the Gate Number / Flight Number.

    Even though the flight was delayed by around 50 mins and with a high load, the airport manager there managed to do a good job. So kudos to him.

    Not sure how it is panning across in other airports but in BLR the staff are absolutely superb.

    Kind Regards,

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