Air India now offering 100% flown miles on Flying Returns

It should have been a long time coming, and it is finally here. About a couple of years back, I wrote a post criticizing Air India Flying Returns for being a miserly frequent flyer program. After all, you got 25% miles for flying the deep discounted fare classes, which was okay till their competitors Jet Airways did the same thing. But once JetPrivilege upped the mileage to 100% flown miles on all fare classes except one, it became imperative for Air India to also raise the mileage they offered.

Last week, I wrote about the upcoming changes to the Air India program. A lot of these are just catching up with the market. However, one of them has already gone live with effect from April 1, 2015. Update: Air India posted an update on the policy here.

Air India is now crediting 100% of flown miles on all sectors even in Economy tickets. However, there are 4 fare classes which will still get only 50% miles, which are the deep discounted fare classes: U,T,S,E. [Update, also L fare class]

Further, Air India has also set up a minimum, which is 500 miles per flight, and for these 4 5 fare classes L,U,T,S,E, you get 250 miles for your flight as minimum miles.

Also, there is a system being put in place to dish out Travel Points to travellers, which will be another way for the travellers to get their elite status. This should be live by the end of this quarter.

What is on your wishlist to have on Air India’s Flying Returns?

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