Air Asia India heads to Delhi

Air Asia India has had a hit-and-trial strategy every since they launched last year. They’ve been operating a fleet of 3 planes for the longest time, and just recently inducted their fourth plane, which was a commemoration to Indian aviator JRD Tata.

Now, just a couple of days back, the CEO of the airline tweeted that the airline will start flights from Delhi soon, and will make it their north Indian hub.

While Air Asia India has been covering a lot of tier II and III cities over a period of time, this is the first time they are heading to Delhi after expressing their public displeasure over the high charges at the Delhi airport over a period of time.

I just can’t even scratch my bald head fully and wrap it around this announcement. How many hit and trials before the Air Asia India blokes get their network strategy right?

What do you think about the network strategy of Air Asia India? And are they coming to Mumbai anytime soon, folks?

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