Air India will give more miles for your flights

After years of dressing down the frequent flyer program, things look set to be looking up at the Air India Flying Returns program. There are multiple changes in the works.

However, that is not all. There is another new upgrade that AI is hush hush at the moment. This is more miles for your money on airline tickets.

See, Air India was once a non-generous program for miles earning. Then they changed that, making it more generous, actually giving 50-100% miles on all tickets. Then, it went back to as low as 10% after about 6 months.

Now, two years later, it will change, yet again. And for the better this time. Air India has notified a new earnings proposed chart on their Flying Returns website. We don’t know when it goes live, just like some of the other changes, but we sure do know it will.

Like you would notice, the chart is pointing upwards for most fare classes. The lowest miles earned is going to be 25% of TPM and it goes up to 120% of TPM in Economy. The lowest slab now puts them in the same category as JetPrivilege which dishes out 25% of flown miles even for their cheapest tickets.


I’m sure this is a great change in the making for Air India Flying Returns members. Now only if Air India instituted a tier-point program as they said they would do, I’d be a happy camper as I could get some of my business over to Air India as well and keep my Gold Tier with them.

What do you think about the new changes at Air India Flying Returns mileage earning?


  1. It’s still a useless program since redemption opportunities are limited. Twice I tried to redeem for LHR and no availability in J. No availability on US and Australia sectors as well.

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