Air India Evacuation Flights to/from USA/Canada going daily in June 2020

Update: Here is a list of all the Air India flights from India to Asia / Europe / North America

It is no secret that the stoppage of commercial air travel over the past few months has left a lot of people stranded in India and also left a lot of Indians left stranded abroad. With this in mind, Air India was assigned the task of bringing back Indians from across the globe. Ideally, they are best suited for the mission given their wide-body aircraft portfolio. But Air India has been selling tickets on both legs for many flights, while the costs per seat were arrived at with the assumption that the outward leg would fly empty. There has been a great rush for Air India’s flights, especially to the USA, with flights selling out literally three minutes after opening bookings. This also has been because a very limited number of flights have been operated in the first month of the repatriation flights mission. Now, the number of Air India Evacuation flights is set to go up.

The first indication of a bump came from the minister of civil aviation who said more flights would be added in June.

According to tentative information I’ve pieced together talking to various people in Air India and sighting internal memos, the airline is now set to fly almost daily flights to the USA in the coming weeks as a part of the Vande Bharat Mission phase 3. Here are the flights that are being planned:

  • Delhi – San Francisco – Delhi (AI 173/174): Daily from June 12 to June 30
  • Delhi – Toronto – Delhi (AI 187/188): Daily from June 12 to June 30
  • Delhi – Chicago – Delhi: Daily from June 11 to June 30 (except June 28)
  • Mumbai – New York Newark – Mumbai (AI 191/144): On Monday, Wednesday and Friday from June 19 to 29
  • Delhi – New York JFK – Delhi (AI 101/102): On June 24, 28 and 30
  • Delhi – Washington DC – Delhi (AI 103/104): On June 19, 22, 24, 27

Air India’s Twitter tells us these flights should be up for sale from June 5, 2020, at 5 PM IST.

Also, with domestic flights now open, it should be easier for you to make it to Delhi or Mumbai to take a flight to the USA. If you don’t get a flight to your desired destination, just take one available and book a connection inside the USA. Just remember, one can fly to the USA with a residual visa validity of 3 months only here on, not one year.

This is great news for people who want to fly between India and North America. I assume flights have been scaled up because North America loads are higher, and also the rest of the world can be covered with the 787s (Europe, Asia, Australia). Also, while commercial aviation is closed at the moment to international airlines, Air India will be able to ask for a price and get it, from those who are really desperate to get back home from their outposts in India or USA.

Do you think there will be enough seats available on Air India’s next round of flights to the USA and Canada to keep everyone happy?

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  1. Are there any Vandhe repatriation flights to from Trivandrum as i have been stuck in India for the last 3 months,trying to get a flight back.I am a British Citizen with a Canadian PR, and am a senior Citizen.
    Please help if you know any flights leaving India for

  2. Hi
    My daughter is in Vancouver she is pregnant I am the mother she needs me I have Visa will I be able to get the flight .

  3. Hi,
    Evacuation flights or Repatriation flight list/dates received from USA TO IND cities for phase-3, but how OCI fit category can book the ticket after registration done on consulate DC site, and how do we know that we are in the waiting list or queue number in the list of evacuation onboarding by consulate..??

    a lot of confusion…still for OCI US to IND trip planning and chances or waiting list status…as to go from SEA to the booking can be done.


    • Soo.. When ur process is over… Our indian citizens are stuck here very badly… Soo plss stay in touch… When booking will start… I need to know… Thnkuu for ur concern..

  4. I m Canadian citizen, stuck in India since long, How to book from India to Canada evacuation flights ?

  5. How fair is the selection of people by the embassy, is their any possibility of getting business class tickets to fly early if not selected by lottery,since their is scope of nepotism in allotments as it I not transparent, does the air India facilitate business class ticket booking directly for these flights, from point to point in USA N INDIA,

  6. Hi, what about the flights from India to Sydney. How can we book the ticket.
    Kindly send the link.


  7. My wife is stranded in yorkton and nearest airport is Regina and being Indian citizen, she likes to come back to india.She is open heart surgery patient . Aviation minister of india promised to arrange planes from other sources to ferry people like my wife to India at Chennai. When??

  8. For US citizens (as well as possibly US permanent residents i.e. green card holders) wishing to return to the US, check out the possibility of taking an Air France or KLM repatriation flight from Mumbai on June 6th, 7th or 8th.

    Use the airlines’ India-specific online sites – ;

    • Is there any flights for indian citizen from US… Plss soo many updates.. I hv seen on facebook… Soo when i called air india.. They said there is no flights for indian citizen from US to india…soo i will pray daily that maybe i will be select in extanded phase 2 …As you know i hv been stuck here since 9th march… Soo i hv some medical emergency… My daughter will be sick without her med anymore… So i hv to go back asap…. Thnkuu for ur concern… If you can do favour…. Soo i really appreciated…thnkuuu soo much

  9. What’s a decision??
    From USA only. Where the flight from Europe????
    Is there no indian in europe????
    Sweden ???

  10. Hi, my wife is stuck in India. She has valid B2 visa, but no H4 yet. Can she travel to US on these outbound flights to US with B2?

  11. IAM jagdeep Singh sidhu ,IAM stuck in India ,Have to travel from India to Canada immediately plz help me

  12. Have to travel from India to Canada (calgery ), Can you help me to get a flight ticket.

  13. Me and my husband came to US for 2months but due to lockdown unable to fly back to India. We are heart patients have to have periodical check ups..Registerd in the first phase itself but no message received. I have left my sick son at India pls do help us to get back to India

  14. Me and my husband came to US for 2months but due to lockdown unable to fly back to India. We are heart patients have to have periodical check ups..Registerd in the first phase itself but no message received. I have left my sick son at India pls do help us to get back to India

  15. I can stay in USA till 28th August 2020 under visitors’ visa. Do you think I would get regular flight to India by that time?

  16. Hi we elderly couple are stranded in Columbus Ohio since more than two months ,on the first week of opening of registration for repatriation by Indian embassy we registered our names ,it was on a very essential reason ,our only daughter is due for delivery in last week of June in her first pregnancy, we have been regularly contacting the embassy at new York for support on humanitarian reasons ,but there has been no positive response, ,we were ready to support our statement with the photograph of our carrying daughter, even with the the doctor diagnosis, it has been a agonising wait ,even with genuine reason for a only child at this elderly age, hope some mercy will prevail on the staff concerned at out predicament and helpless plight at least before it is too late,

  17. The Air India reservation system is fraudulent. The link sent by their customer support will cancel your PNR not issuing the ticket even though will accept your payment.
    Refund of the same is a painful process and will take indefinite time.Be careful before making the payment.

  18. Senior citizens, particularly those above 70, should be sent to home quarantine and not sent to Institutional quarantine

  19. Hello Team, can i book flight from Delhi to Toronto for Jun 8 th. I have to come to Delhi from Hyderabad. If I book choosing multi city option and buy Hyd to Delhi on 7th June and ,Delhi to Toronto on 8th june. Is it possible to book this with the same PNR number? Can they checked the baggage up to Toronto? How many pieces of checked in baggage allowed? How much is the fare?

    • Air India has been given right by Modi Government to loot passenger by charging 8 times fare by forcibly restricting other air lines.Thiis is the biggest fraud in the history.

      • It appears that all are standard in america only. What about the other country. Is none standard in europe. Damn america

  20. Me and my wife both are in Toronto canada. We are doing business of building construction as contractor in punjab/ chandigarh since 25 years . Now we get P R of canada in Sep 2017, we are presently in Toronto with our son for the last one year . We were to go back to india on 12.4.2019 to windup our business. We booked our air ticket on 25.9.2019 for dt 12.4.2020 through cheapoair agency in canada but we could not fly due to clouser of all flights due to covid -19 . On 8.4.2020 we got our ticket cancelled and we got credit for future travel with booking no 65737162 with Air India Airlines valid upto 30.9.2020 now our business is badly affected in our absance and we want to go immediately to india ( Patiala, Punjab ) . We have already applied to indian high commission in canada but got no reply. Kindly guide us how can we go back to our home by these flights going frim 12.6.2020 to 30.6.2020 by adjusting our credit lying with air india

  21. Have to travel from Bangalore to Newark . Held up here from 5 mths please suggest how to go back.

    • Each before making payment to Air India with it’s useless and fraudulent system of payment as it may accept successful payment but you may find your PNR is cancelled and ticket is not issued.

    • Sir please start International flights at the earliest my wife need to come Newyork to Banglore and many more to come back gone on visit. Appreciate your early action aviation Ministry.

  22. l am in the same boat? My daughter is stuck in Manchester ,hostel will close on 10 th July need help col jk Bhalla

    • Air India has been given right by Modi Government to loot passenger by charging 8 times fare by forcibly restricting other air lines.Thiis is the biggest fraud in the history.

  23. Ajay,
    Are you sure, this will be implemented? How reliable is the source?
    They still have 4 flights between 7th and 11th June for which they have not started the booking.

    • @Jay P, very sure this will be implemented. Please also see the Tweet from HSP confirming this. The 4 flights may or may not occur and might be merged with these flights. It’s a guess but could be true. Too many moving parts. I guess AI is waiting for the all-clear from the Mumbai HC on middle-seats as it directly impacts pricing and availability of seats.

  24. we are Canadian citizens me and my wife we like go bake Canada as soon as possible .pls let us known.

  25. My visa for India expires on July 10, 2020. Will it be automatically extended if there are no regular flights available. It’s not only hard but very expensive to find a seat.

  26. Hi,
    I am a Canadian citizen, stranded in Bengaluru, Karnataka since March . Can you help me to get a flight ticket

  27. “there is a strong indication that these flights could go up on sale as early as June 3, 1100 hours IST ” — Nope.

  28. Why are Air India evacuation flights from London so less. When will our stranded children get chance to return to mumbai. Only One flight in 15days is too less. There should be at least one flight every 3days from London. It is so expensive to stay in London. Better they pay any class air ticket and return to mumbai instead of wasting money on accommodation and food in London

  29. The Air India numbers don’t seem to work or we are put on hold for hrs & then disconnected .can there be a more easier way to book just as we do ,normally online.? The Chennai passengers have to spend for the flight to Mumbai, over & above the charges from Mumbai to US. Hope the authorities consider these logical views.

  30. We appreciate if flights are arranged from Chennai to Newark / ssnfrancisco .
    We are US citizens . There is no clarity if Chennai airports are open for international flights .
    Thanks in advance

  31. I do not know why other air line are not allowed to take foreigners from India ex Etihad, quatar, Emirates etc. In this way passanger are force to spend more money on Air India sp per example my return flight book at 1100 $ to from DC and it is price protected until july.end.

  32. Can we book tickets directly or need to wait for lottery, My husband is OCI Card Holder & I am indian Citizen, he want come back to India, his all family is in india, he is registered in Vande Bharat Mission. Please help us

  33. Hope there will be AI flight from SFO TO AHMEDABAD as we are desperately waiting since Lockdown imposed in March.
    Also request to keep the Air fare reasonable below ₹100000 for one way.

  34. What about International flights by inter national airlines from Bangalore to canada via Amestradam.

  35. Dear sisine march I am in new jersy my ticket is already booked of 9th june and I have to rush back again to vadodara gujarat as my father is Sirius pl do something
    My email I’d.

  36. Is anyone know in case, originally I have booked a ticket in Air India flight flying from New Delhi to San Francisco AI 173 on June 16, 2020.
    Now I think they are planning to operate the same flight from June 12 to June 30, Do I need to book another ticket or I can use the same ticket?
    Really appreciate your feedback

  37. my name is sumedha jalota and I’m an indian citizen currently in Los Angeles. I’m a single mother stuck with my two children.. My passport number is j2614847..I have been stuck in Los Angeles since 10th march. I came here for only 30 days. I have been unable to return to my home in Phagwara (punjab) This is an emergency for me and my daughter is suffering from wheat allergy last one year and her treatment is going on in phagwara so she doesn’t have medicine anymore here and i have some my gynologist problems from last 3 years..i have my all doctor documents with me. So i need to check up regularly after one month… Plsss contact me asap… I hv called soo many time in California embassy…indian consulate office… Plss didn’t get any information… Plss plsss contact us..plss my daughter will get sick… Plss its humble request to you if possible plss contact asap..

  38. Do you think there will be enough seats available on Air India’s next round of flights to the USA and Canada to keep everyone happy?

    Only if they enhance the booking system/options, they need to prioritize folks who have extenuating circumstances like, visa expirations, death/sickness, otherwise the problem continues.

  39. I a Sr cat. alongwith my wife standerd in sweden. Want to back india immediately .
    Help me.

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