Air India does a new commercial, and its lame!

Air India recently made a new TV commercial, and while I wanted to share it a few days ago, it kept slipping off my mind. It was so unmemorable. Have a look.

Now, this was clearly made to promote the new uniforms that Air India has put in place earlier this month for its crew. I can’t for the life of me understand why I don’t get such prompt and lovely service from the airline when I am on one of their planes, to be able to endorse Air India as much as the guys in these commercials.

What do you think of this new Air India commercial, and how does it compare with the reality on AI flights?

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  1. I was offered a refund of Rs 276/- as a refund against a Y class ticket for a cancelled flight from DEL-CCU (They claimed my ticket was a coupon upgrade)

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