Air India AI191 to Newark receives bomb threat mid-air; lands at London

Air India’s flight AI191 which flies between Mumbai and Newark everyday, has made a precautionary landing at London Stansted Airport today, on June 27, 2019 due to a bomb threat, the airline said on Twitter.

AI191 Twitter

The flight turned around after overlying the UK, and two Typhoon fighter jets were scrambled to escort the flight back into London. Stansted is the designated airport in the London area for active security-threatened aircraft to land.

The flight landed at about 10:15 local time in London and was evacuated to a separate area of the airport. Regular operations are now resumed at STN.

As per a passenger on board, the plane was quarantined, and all passengers were then disembarked one by one, each ones bags sniffed and hand checked. And then passengers put on a bus to be brought to a holding area inside the terminal.

They were subsequently served food and water as well.

This is a developing story and will be updated on the basis of details as they emerge.

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