A Grand Giveaway of free AwardWallet Accounts

Literally! A frequent question asked always is how to keep track of your multiple accounts which one has over multiple frequent flyer and loyalty programs. There are tonnes of options out there, but I usually go with AwardWallet, which is perhaps one of the best products out there.

I first flirted with MileageManager for a year, paying the $15 fee, but updates were not as dynamic as I expected and not all the programs I worked with or was a part of, were included.

I then discovered AwardWallet after this, which is quite the king of the miles & points tracking websites for me. Some of the top reasons for using it:

  • It allows me to track the mileage balance of my entire family using one single login, in one single place. Not to forget, it keeps me abreast with the expiry details of the award miles/points as well, helping me use them rather than lose them. All you have to do, is to enter your username and password the first time.
  • They support 562 different loyalty programs out there, including air, hotel, car rentals and others. For what its worth, I don’t need to log into my American Express account ever, I can find out my MR balance right here.
  • I can get frequent updates about my mileage credits, or debits in one go.
  • There is also an Android and iOS app, which gives me access to all my FFPs on the go.

AwardWallet provides a free account, which tracks all your accounts for free, but only displays upto 3 expiration notices. There is also AwardWallet Plus, which costs you $5 upwards for 6 months (you choose the price), and allows for details on all your accounts to be tracked along with the expiry notices. Here is a summary of the differences.


I recently worked with the AwardWallet team to get my readership initiated to the AwardWallet Plus package free of cost. Here is how to go about it:

  • If you’ve never had an AwardWallet account, you could sign up for one here. Alternatively, log into your AwardWallet account.
  • If you’ve never used AwardWallet Plus before, you could enter the coupon code LiveFromALounge (case insensitive) and get an upgrade for 6 months validity at sign-up (for new accounts), or apply “Upgrade using a coupon” in the left sidebar on the site.
  • There you go, you’re all set for 6 months of mileage tracking bliss.

Hope you will be able to benefit from this tie-up, and if not, do spread the word around! Also, do drop in a line in the comments section if you can after you’ve benefitted from the code so that I can keep track of the number of sign-ups!

P.S.: If for some reason you can’t use the code published above, you could also benefit from signing up via this referral code. Cheers!

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  1. Award wallet does not support American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines – or United Airlines (all the top frequent flier programs)- so why are we supposed to be using it???

  2. AJ,
    While i have stored the passwords on my computer, I dont know whether there is the possibility of any misuse because the data is being entered on the Award Wallet site rather than the website of the bank/ airline. If you recall, during Internet Banking transactions for say paying a credit cards bill thru direct debit of the bank account thru say a servce provider like Bill Desk, the passwords of the bank account are entered on the Bank’s website [post redirection] rather than on the Bill Besk or credit card website. Hence data does not flow thru third parties and chances of misuse are minimised.

  3. Hi AJ,
    Award Wallet is a good idea and good implementation. However, I am worried about the security of my data. Your views?

  4. Upgrade or get AwardWallet OneCard credits using coupon

    This coupon code is only valid for the first time users of AwardWallet Plus service. Our records indicate that you have already used AwardWallet Plus in the past; therefore, this coupon can’t be used with your account.

  5. How safe are these websites for storing passwords? I mean if someone can get hold of the ID and pass, they could as well potentially misuse all my miles..

  6. both codes listed above don’t work for existing members.

    My awardwallet subscription expired a month ago and codes above won’t work for upgrade

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