A few reasons to hop on board…

Over the months and the years, we’ve grown on from a single post a day to multiple posts a day blog, with some giveaways and time bound information coming your way. Some of them like the recent SpiceJet sale and the $600 fares to USA were specially of time sensitive nature.

To help you get this information across in a timely fashion, here are a few ways of keeping in touch with me:

  • Web: Hit up www.livefromalounge.com on your browser and save it in your favourites!
  • RSS Feed: If you are an RSS reader kind of person, use Google Readers and others, you could subscribe to the RSS feed here.
  • Email: If you like a copy of the day’s posts coming into your mail box every day, I advise you to subscribe to the newsletter format in your mail. Once-a-day, and we tolerate no spam, so your emails are strictly confidential.
  • Twitter/Facebook: I frequently run contests, which may involve Twitter or Facebook. Also, quick action information like a deal may be posted there first. You may want to follow me on Twitter at @livefromalounge and like our Facebook page. I also answer questions on Twitter, so feel free to tweet me there.
  • Instagram: My recent achievement in life has been going over and above my data plan limits posting aviation pictures on instagram. If you’re there too, please find me with the handle: LiveFromALounge. Caution, you may find food pictures too Winking smile

Besides, if you ever need assistance or have a query, always feel free to write to me at email: aj@livefromalounge.com, or drop in a question at Readers Questions. I try and respond at the earliest.

Look forward to hearing a lot more from all of you in 2013!

Live From A Lounge is present on Facebook, Twitter & available via email, RSS.

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