A few iOS FlightTrack Pro download codes going away today

Back in July, Starbucks was giving out FlightTrack Pro as its App of the Week complimentary in their North American stores, something which is usually $9.99 to buy.

A reader Jagadish Gandhi was kind enough to send over a stack of codes to me yesterday, and I am sharing these with you. The only thing you need to remember, is that these work only if you’re in the US App Store.

Here are the codes:

  2. AHN9F73KNJA7
  3. RFJ366K3HJL9
  5. FEK6F3FE67Y3
  6. 6PN63JEE3TJJ

Please feel free to send me along some more codes if you have any, and I’ll be happy to post them here. And if you are able to use one of the code, please let everyone know via the comments section so that other people don’t try using the same codes.

Quick reminder, about how to download an app with this Starbucks promotion:


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