A compilation of all the airline fees in India

Airline fees has been a hot topic of debate, with airlines unbundling all their services. I personally don’t like the escalating fee for everything on an aircraft, because it adds up to a lot, and back in the day it used to be complimentary or way less of a charge.

It becomes hard to keep track, and note that there so many new fees being introduced these days, like the money charged for a ticket printout, or convenience fee charged to book a ticket online. I’ve been meaning to compile a master list of all these charges and put it up as a resource here, but haven’t had the time. But somehow, the good Samaritans at Cleartrip.com thought of the same thing and went ahead and did it.

I recently discovered this post on their website and I am in awe of the person who compiled all of it, and in shock as to the number and type of fees that have gone up over the years! You also have a ready reckoner which you can download and keep in PDF format.

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