Review: 9W336 Jet Airways, Delhi to Mumbai, Premiere

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Jet Airways 336

Delhi(DEL) – Mumbai(BOM)
Sunday, July 24 2011
Depart: 8:00AM
Arrive: 10:00AM
Duration: 2hr00min
Distance flown: 708 miles
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Seat: 2A (Premiere)
Meal Service: Breakfast

The early Sunday morning had clearly made me a little jumpy 😉 and I’d managed to lose my boarding pass without realising. Thank goodness someone found it for me while I was retracing my steps because otherwise there was no way I’d have made it to the flight without going through security check again. That’d had left a spoilt taste in the mouth I guess. Lucky, it did not happen. I came around to my gate to find VT-JNV parked and ready to go for a short while!


Past the boarding jetbridge and into the plane, I met up with the same gentleman who managed to retrieve my BP in the seat ahead of me. So I waved to him and moved to my seat 2A. The crew immediately came over to collect my jacket.

Seat 2A

The Premiere Cabin Behind

The cabin was occupied exactly half at eight seats out of the sixteen. No wonder it was easy to get a ‘confirmed’ upgrade rather than waiting up until the last minute. The seats, as usual, were very comfortable, but this was a plane without any AVOD! I don’t exactly know with the new decision to go low-cost on most domestic routes, the Premiere seats will ever get AVOD for flying domestically.

Premiere Seat Pitch

Once I was settled in, the cabin crew came to offer a welcome drink to all the business class passengers. I was offered a choice between coconut water and apple juice. I went with the coconut water. Right after, another member of the cabin crew came over with a cold towel.

Welcome Drink – Coconut Water

Cold Towel service

The very awesome looking menu cards for breakfast were distributed next. I don’t exactly know what was the series called, but it looked like it focussed on the insights of various Indian states and their culture. The menu card this time came up with a cover on Punjab, which is one of the northern states in India, and the folk dance of Bhangra. Here is how it looked.

Breakfast Menu Card with Punjab theme

Breakfast Menu Card Inlay – Bhangra explained

If someone is interested in learning more about Bhangra, here is a link to the Wikipedia entry.

Although I had eaten at the lounge a short while ago, the exciting menu options did leave me with no choice but for going for a meal service order 😛

Sunday Breakfast!!! Slurp!

The good thing about flying with 9W is the number of cuisines you’d get to try on board. Most parts of India have their own cuisine, and one may get to try a regional speciality when headed into a particular region. So, on this menu, there was the regular order of eggs on offer, and some Upma (Semolina) and Dosa (Indian pancakes) and Beans on Toast. Fair enough, I went with the American Chocolate and Berry Pancake, something I could have any day!

Before takeoff, the FA came over to take down meal orders. I asked for some cereal, the pancakes and for the coffee to be served along with the breakfast, rather than later! The crew went about sequentially to take meal orders.

Shortly after, the captain announced the closure of all doors and subsequent pushback. We were good to go and proceeded towards the runway and over to Mumbai.

Climbing out of DEL

Hitting the Cloud Bed

Cruising at 35,000 Feet.

Once we were at cruising altitude, the crew started to prepare for the meal service. Someone quickly came around to hand me out a tray which had a white table-cloth laid out inside, and a fruit salad, and my cornflakes. I was asked for a choice of hot milk or cold, and I went with the cold one. The meals were in the Rosenthal cutlery, which 9W talks about a lot these days on their website!

Light Play!

Cereals and Fruits are here

Being already well-fed, I was taking my time to finish my cereal, while my co-passengers on 2B napped away and asked for the breakfast to be served later. Once I was done with these, the pancakes arrived. A crew member also came up with a bread basket, and I went with a croissant. Since I like my pancakes with some coffee along, they also served me some coffee along.

The Chocochip Pancakes

These pancakes were quite amazing I must say. I got so engrossed that I did forget the croissant lying on the other plate altogether and nibbled my way into this portion. After, I helped myself with another round of coffee.

By the time meal service got over, we were about 50 minutes into the flight. The captain came on the PA system and informed us about the flight path, the weather in Mumbai and that it would be another 35-40 minutes before we landed in Mumbai. I flipped through the in-flight magazine, and shortly after, the captain announced the descent into Mumbai.

Hovering over Mumbai

Beginning Descent

Almost there…

Off the active runway in BOM

With an overall enjoyable flight, I got off to a jetbridge that brought me back into terminal 1C, from where I started this journey. The Mumbai airport was not very crowded. The bags rolled out on the belt shortly after, and my Priority tagged baggage was one of the first to roll out on the belt. Five minutes later, I was on my way out of the airport and on my way home.

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