Watch: Boeing Field’s staff car park is now being used to park MAX aircraft

The 737 MAX was grounded worldwide in March 2019 following the crash of Ethiopian Airlines in March 2019, and Lion Air in October 2018. After the grounding, Boeing kept the 737 MAX production line going, but reduced the production rate. While the production rate of 52 737 MAX per month was lowered to 42 aircraft in April 2019, it was reported that the production will increase in a phased manner to 57 737 MAX in September 2019.

In the meantime, Boeing started testing a new flight control software for the 737 MAX. With no clear re-entry date in sight, Boeing is facing a new problem: storage. While airlines have parked their 737 MAX at airports, storage locations like Mojave Air and Space Port and so-on. Boeing, on the other hand, has been storing the fresh of the production line 737 MAX either at its production base in Renton or at Boeing Fields.

With space quickly being occupied at both, Boeing is now ferrying and storing the 737 MAX at its Texas maintenance base. What is interesting to note is how creative Boeing has got in occupying every inch of space available at its sites. Cue to 1:30

If you notice in the video, half of the staff car park is now used to store six 737 MAX.

boeing 737 max park

TUI 737 MAX parked in the Staff Car Park at Boeing Field, Seattle (Picture Courtesy King 5 TV)

An overview of the space might give you an idea. Also, take a look at how an Air Canada 737 MAX is parked at an angle to utilise the available space.

While an exact number of 737 MAX in storage at all three locations isn’t there, considering the production rate, it might be over 150 737 MAX and still growing by the day. It will be a huge task for Boeing to bring back all the 737 MAX both delivered and undelivered once certification is complete as the aircraft are now grounded for months.

What do you think about the current situation with the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and when do you think will it get resolved?


  1. Stopping production. Engine location has a part in this too. This plane will continue to have issues. Better faster and more sometimes is less. Those families will attest to this. I used to be a crew member many years ago and I would not want to fly the aircraft today. All this from my
    Own thoughts.

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