Get 3X Hilton Honors points on your next stay at Hilton Hotels

Hilton is running a targeted promotion where they are giving away triple Hilton Honors points on stays until January 31, 2018.

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This is a one time use only offer  that is valid on all days of the week.  Rates under triple bonus points should reflect under the code “ZZHPB3” or “Z3B”.  Bonus Points earned under this promotion will take up to 8 weeks to reflect in your account and will not count towards tier qualification.

Hilton Honors members earn 10 base points for every US dollar spent on room rate and other eligible expenses during the stay. If you are targeted for this offer then there is an opportunity to earn 30 Hilton Honors points on every US dollar spent for one stay through next year January.

So let’s say you choose to stay 2 nights over a weekend at the Hilton Shillim Estate Resort & Spa, the minimum you would spend is USD 432/ INR 28,000 just on the room charge. That would earn you 4320 base points and under this promotion a total of 12,960 Hilton Honors points.

a screenshot of a web pageEarlier this year under the revamped Honors program Hilton introduced a new award pricing tool ‘Pay with Points & Money’ option where you can slide the bar and choose to use any number of points (in multiples of thousands) and it will calculate the cash component. The point slider starts at 5,000 points.

When I tried to take a look at what 13,000 Honors points it could get me a 2 nights at the Hilton Salah Resort in Oman or if I pitch in some cash then 2 nights in Vietnam.

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You should check your email and Honors account to see if you are eligible for this triple bonus offer. Ajay and I have not received this offer yet. But if you do let us know if you plan to use it.


  1. T.Norfleet tell me whats the difference Hilton amex credit card or Delta amex gold credit card as far as approval odds other than M.R pts applied for Hilton amex a few months ago decline turn around may 2017 approval Deltagold amex help me out here 80k Hilton 60k Deltagold ? .What the difference with approvals other than reward pts? anybody? thanks

  2. Sounds great – in fact I’d be happy if I earn any points at all on my stays with Hilton. I Tried to raise an issue with the hotel management – no luck. When we returned from our holiday I raised a complaint with Hilton Customer service.
    They promised to come back in 2-3 working days… that was on Tuesday. Maybe you should work the basic stuff before making triple points offers.

  3. I like this promo! I got the email. But it doesn’t seem like there is a way to book through the app with this? I entered the codes you listed but couldn’t get it to show up. I stayed at a Hilton a few weeks ago and got the double points from the promo, but this is great if you aren’t Diamond.

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