200 Free JPMiles in 20 seconds!

JetPrivilege is running a promotion through December 21, 2017, where they are offering 200 Free JPMiles for a quick small task: Install a toolbar.

Ever since JetPrivilege became an independent loyalty program management company, they have worked tirelessly to add new partners across the board. These partners have been across all sorts of categories including Dining, Shopping, Magazines (don’t miss getting 23000 Miles for a magazine) and others.

Now, JetPrivilege recently launched the Scout Toolbar, which is a chrome plug-in that sits on your browser and informs you if a particular website can get you bonus miles. Here is how it works.

JetPrivilege Scout

JetPrivilege Scout

For JetPrivilege members, they are offering 200 bonus JPMiles to install this toolbar by December 21, 2017.

Free JPMiles

Bonus JPMiles

The T&C state that this is a targetted promotion, so do check your mailbox if you are targetted for it. The bonus JPMiles will be awarded by January 31, 2018, if you install the toolbar by December 21, 2017.


A great way to earn some easy JPMiles. Go for it!


  1. Already did and got a confirmation of credit as well. Cool thing is that I get JP miles on Amazon and Flipkart irrespective of what card I use. All I have to make sure is to use Chrome and keep myself logged into the Scout extension.

    • Have been crediting miles from flippant, Amazon, firstly, etc. before scout as well through shop.jet……
      Though it’s now easier.

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