10X HDFC Reward Points in January 2018

HDFC Bank Credit Cards are getting active in their marketing game in 2018. They’ve kickstarted the year with an aggressive promotion for all HDFC Bank Credit Card holders. From January 15, 2018, to January 31, 2018, if you spend a minimum of INR 15,000, you will qualify for 10X HDFC Reward Points on all your spends during this period.

HDFC Reward Points

Over the weekend, HDFC Bank has put out customised communication in the mailboxes of all their cardholders about this promotion and how they can earn bonus reward points from the Bank. The customisation could be two-tier: the amount which triggers the bonus, which in my case is INR 15000. And also the spending mode: online or offline. So check your mailbox for the details.

This time it is different

This is an exciting promotion from HDFC Bank, trying to make you focus your spends with them. Do remember to keep a tab on your spend if you intend to participate in this promotion. For instance, in my case, only when I spend INR 15000, and that too online,  will I get the 10x points. Else, I just get the regular points: 1x.

Also, remember to ensure your trigger in the online or offline world. When you follow the promotion T&Cs, you get here. I’ve reproduced some salient T&C below and then deciphered them below.

  • This offer is valid for retail spends and purchases made through HDFC Bank Credit Cards.
  • Eligible Cardholders achieving the spend threshold (for the net amount spent excluding cancellation and refunds) will qualify for offer.
  • Reward points will be posted to the eligible Cardholders by June 2018.
  • 10X Reward Points will be posted only if the customer spends a minimum of 15,000
  • A maximum of 10,000 Reward Points will be posted
  • No two Reward Points offer may be clubbed at any given point.
  • Offer is valid on Online/Offline per communication.
  • Corporate Cards, Commercial Cards, Dealer Cards, Distributor Cards, Business Cards, Value Plus Cards and Staff Cards are excluded from the promotion.
  • If a card member has more than 1 (one) HDFC Bank Credit Card, spends on the cards cannot be clubbed by the card member to qualify for the said offer.
  • In Case the cardmember holds more than 1(one) Credit Card with HDFC Bank; the Cardmember would need to call up the Customer Call Centre, and confirm which card(s) the said offer may be availed for.

How does it work? 10x HDFC Reward Points for everyone?

The words are slightly at cross-purposes with each other, but here is what is a surety. If I spent at least INR 15000 on the credit card online, I would start getting 10X points. This means I can only use it for categories where I can earn 1X points in the first place. So no oil or wallet refills will help.

Also, I can’t be clubbing 10x promotions as per the terms. So International Spending and the usual 10X online partners wouldn’t work. Nor would be the Smartbuy partners. Hence I’d need to spend INR 15000 with other partners. No double dipping allowed. Meh!

Where the terms are ambiguous, are on how many points can you get? No. For instance, for the HDFC Bank Diners Club Black, I will be able to get these points for a maximum spend of INR 33,333. But does that mean I spend INR 15,000 online and the rest offline, and it works fine? Or does that mean I spend the whole amount online to maximise this promotion? I don’t know.

How to get the promotion? 

If you have it on your email, you have already been registered for the promotion.

What is my RoI?

It depends on the card you hold. If you own the Diners Black, you spend INR 33K to get back INR 10K, so that is a cool 33% cashback. If you hold the Infinia, works the same for you. If you have the new Diners ClubMiles, you get INR 5K or 10K Miles.


This is a super cool promotion for those who have received it. I’m trying to maximise the promotion. It is good because there are hardly any T&C and everything is almost cut and dried here.

Are you going to as well? What do you think of the new promotion from HDFC Bank Credit Cards?


  1. On Jet variant Credit Card – customer will get 5% CashBack on all spends through SmartBUY. This will be in addition to the base JPMiles the customers earn.
    Max CashBack of Rs.250 for Jet Titanium / Jet Select Card.
    Max CashBack of Rs.500 for Jet Platinum Card.
    Max CashBack of Rs.1000 for Jet World / Signature / Jet Diners card.

  2. There is a lot of buzz (and needless to say confusion) about the offer. Spoke to a customer care executive and here are the salient points FWIW.

    1. These 10x RPs are only for those items which are not already 5X/10X.
    2. This is a targeted offer- while all customers get 10X, some customers get 10X only for online spends, others for all, the T&C is as per targeted mail.


    • Hi,
      I haven’t recieved any mail.
      Any chance I can be part of this offer?
      Positive I can reach the threshold.amount mostly.

      P.S- I got Diners Premium very recently as Clubmiles hadn’t been launched.
      Any chance I can get same “downgraded” to Clubmiles, as getting additional benefit in club miles without any single downside from what I understood.

      Don’t understand why would they keep threshold income and fees lower for a better card.

      • This is a targeted offer. I called and confirmed with the D-Black helpline.

        However….. that being said. Although I called to ask and check just in-case I had trashed the email. The exec was pretty helpful and the conversation lead to a pretty sweet deal on a Nikon lens I had been eyeing for a while. On purchasing the item through Smartbuy “compare&shop” option I was told that I will get the smartbuy 10x PLUS HDFC credit-cards earn a flat 10% cashback (upto INR 1500)on purchases on Amazon. So all in all a 33% on 10X plus the cashback!

        I really hope HDFC can keep this going after March 2018! Coz sometimes the promotions are too good to be true.

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