10 year old Australian wants to kickstart his own airline; takes advice from Qantas CEO

Let me start of this by asking you guys a question, what did you do during your school holidays? Well, it won’t be anything like what a 10-year-old kid from Australia, Alex Jacquot is planning to do. During their school holidays, Alex Jacquot (CEO) and his friend Wolf (vice CEO) are working on a new project to kickstart Australia’s newest airline, Oceania Express. They plan to operate an A350 to connect London with Melbourne and Sydney but are facing some problems.

Naturally, Alex thinks the best way to tackle his problems is to write to Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas and seek his advice. So, he writes an adorable candid letter insisting Alan Joyce to take him ‘seriously’.

a close-up of a letter

Oceania Express

Alex Jacquot handwritten adorable (and official) letter to Alan Joyce

He went on to say that he has hired people for several top-level positions from CFO to Head of Legal. Kids in a suit remind me of Boss Baby. For a 10-year old kid to know different departments in an airline is amazing and affirms us how serious he is.

Well, it is not always that a CEO receives a letter from a small kid let alone a ‘competitor’. Alan Joyce took the time to write an epic response and advise his fellow competitor, Alex Jacquot as he was also a curious kid. He has even invited Alex to discuss Project Sunrise with him in a one-to-one meeting and even visit their Operations Centre. Let’s see how the meeting goes.

Oceania Express

Alan Joyce letter to Alex Jacquot

Maybe Oneworld has space for a new member from Australia?


It is commending for an airline’s CEO to take the time to write to a fellow Avgeek and a kid wanting to fulfil his dream. I am personally in awe of him as he gets to visit an airline’s Operations Centre. Both Alex Jacquot and Alan Joyce are winning hearts with their respective letters.

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