Vistara further expands its presence from Delhi & Mumbai with the 737s

Vistara was one of the early ones to take advantage of Jet Airways slots being made available. They expanded out of Mumbai by adding a few flights to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa and Kolkata.

Vistara is onboarding 4 ex-Jet Airways 737 aircraft and will take up to 10 of them. Apart from this, Vistara is also adding an all-economy A320neo, VT-TNN which flew for erstwhile WOW air. While one Boeing 737-800, VT-TGB is already inducted into the fleet, other three are going to join soon. VT-TGA & VT-TGD have already done some test flights.

vistara new flights delhi

VT-TGB, ex-Jet Airways 737-800 now flying for Vistara

Vistara has announced additional flights from Delhi which will be operated by a Boeing 737-800 (to be based there) from June 5, 2019.

Twice daily on Delhi – Chandigarh 

UK633 DEL0615 – 0715IXC 737 D
UK631 DEL0935 – 1055IXC 737 x7

UK634 IXC0750 – 0855DEL 737 D
UK632 IXC1140 – 1230DEL 737 x7

Daily Delhi – Guwahati 

UK721 DEL1335 – 1555GAU 737 D
UK722 GAU1630 – 1910DEL 737 D

Daily Delhi – Amritsar 

UK695 DEL2010 – 2115ATQ 737 D
UK694 ATQ2150 – 2240DEL 737 D

All these flights are temporary and are bookable till July 31, 2019. This schedule will require one 737-800. With this, Vistara will offer 4x daily flights on Delhi-Chandigarh route and will be a dominant player in the market. Apart from this, Vistara will now offer 2x daily each on Delhi-Amritsar and Delhi-Guwahati route but no same day return flights.

We know that Vistara will add three new sectors from Mumbai including Chennai apart from adding more frequencies on existing routes like Hyderabad, Goa and so-on. Vistara has also started putting flights out on these routes, but not opened it up for the full schedule yet, perhaps because the aircraft is still under induction and hence a more long term schedule is yet to be determined. Currently, open for June 5 to 7 with an aircraft to be based in Mumbai. Here is the schedule:

Daily Mumbai – Hyderabad

UK877 BOM0855 – 1020HYD 737 345
UK878 HYD1055 – 1230BOM 737 345

Daily Mumbai – Goa

UK772 BOM1310 – 1410GOI 737 345
UK773 GOI1440 – 1600BOM 737 345

Daily Mumbai – Chennai

UK823 BOM1835 – 2040MAA 737 345
UK824 MAA2120 – 2335BOM 737 345

Eventually, this schedule should be firmed up further in the coming days.

Apart from this, Vistara has further added 2x daily flights on Mumbai-Kolkata route.

Twice Daily Mumbai – Kolkata

UK771 BOM0620 – 0900CCU 737 D
UK772 CCU0940 – 1230BOM 737 D

UK773 BOM1730 – 2020CCU 737 D
UK774 CCU2135 – 0025(+1 day)BOM 737 D

The Mumbai-Kolkata flights are bookable till July 31, 2019. With this Vistara will offer a same-day return flight on the Mumbai-Kolkata sector.

Will you book one of the new flights introduced by Vistara?


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