Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Lounge (Domestic), Bangalore Airport

There have been two major issues I’ve had with the Bangalore BIAL Airport for as long as I remember. Having used the airport based inside the city, I find the current airport too far away, and one can’t predict travel times to the airport since you can only go by the road. The other one was, the lack of a lounge for most airlines, except for Kingfisher Airlines. Then, they rebranded the Kingfisher Airlines lounge as the Pause Lounge.

However, it looks like the troubles for accessing lounges in Bangalore Airports may now be over. As of March this year, Plaza Premium opened up a couple of lounges at Bangalore, one at the Domestic side of the terminal, and one on the International side. This happened, after they were able to open the last part of the airport which was under development for a while.

I managed to get around to the domestic Plaza Premium Lounge a couple of times these past months, and it is one of the better Plaza Premium Lounges out there in India I’d say in terms of space and conceptualisation. Photo 16-05-14 18 47 02

You get to the lounge by taking a lift to the Mezzanine floor after going through security screening. The reception is on the main level, where they accept your airline invitation (Jet Airways and Air India both use them). Also, you can use your Priority Pass, American Express CC (complimentary for Platinum/Centurion members) and some other credit cards to access this lounge. Also, you can pay-in to use this lounge.

Photo 16-05-14 18 48 29

Once you arrive at the lounge, you notice this one is made to make you wait in the lounge, rather than throw you out at the earliest. There is ample space, seating for 75 pax, if not more at least, spread out across couches, bar stools and diners tables. Additionally, there are more than enough plug points to plug in your gadgets, and you don’t have to fight with another passenger for one. Wifi is free.

Photo 16-05-14 17 52 07Photo 16-05-14 17 52 28Photo 16-05-14 17 52 37Photo 16-05-14 17 53 31

Like you notice above, there are also seats which help you look over the apron, and you get to notice aircraft movements from there.

In terms of food and beverages, there are a lot of live workstations to get you going, including one for dosas (South Indian pancakes), and one egg station. Be aware, it can be a while before you get your order and you have to be hovering around to collect it since no one would come and get it to your table.

Photo 16-05-14 17 53 43 (1)

Photo 16-05-14 17 54 44

Apart from that, there are small bites, curries, salads, soups and beverages to offer. A separate section only for desserts. Alcohol is available on payment.

Photo 16-05-14 18 01 14 (1)

Photo 16-05-14 17 57 17

Photo 16-05-14 17 53 56

Photo 16-05-14 17 54 00

Here is an assortment I settled in with for a sort of an early dinner that evening when I hopped in after a long day.

Photo 16-05-14 18 05 15

You can also look over to the other lounge now open at Bangalore Airport’s domestic terminal, called Above Ground Level. I really need to go there once to figure out what they are up to.

Photo 16-05-14 17 53 20

And they also have a shower and spa section, something I did not use, but which is available as well, against a separate payment I believe. Right at the back of the lounge.

Photo 16-05-14 18 43 58

Overall, I found this to be a very good lounge, which I hope is going to make up for the lack of one in Bangalore for a very long time. The food is better than the usual lounge stuff with the live counters. The space is more than good enough. And I guess that is all that one needs, right, when waiting to catch an airplane?

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  1. Is the food available at midnight at both the lounges – PP and AGL, Bangalore Domestic Departure. Do we get full dinner around that time or just some fast food. ?

  2. Hey,

    does anyone know if we are allowed a sibling to take with? I have a platinum mastercard, so entry for me is free. but if I have to take someone with me, is it free of charge? and if not, how much is the cost for another company?

    • @Ambreen you would have to pay for the other entry. Usually between INR 500 to 1000 depending on the lounge.

  3. Hey guys, do we still have the Visa Lounge access for our Signature/Infinite cards since the offer expiry date was 30th September 2014. I don’t see any updates in the Visa India site.

  4. Kevin,You have visa signature access also at the domestic for sure.There is also a Master Card lounge at same level ,sepersted by a rope ,but with a different entry .Will try it the next time.

  5. and do they have the Visa Signature card offer as well for both Domestic and International terminals?

  6. Hi Ajay,
    I own a Amex Platinum travel card, I assume I have complimentary access to this Lounge,
    Does the supplementary card holder get complimentary access as well?

  7. Plaza premium is also at international side, the decor is similar. And unlimited alcohol is included(complimentary ). where in Above the ground level lounge in international departure accepts master card, alcohol is limited to 30ml. I visited both the lounges they are adjacent .

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