Jet Airways plans to restore more than 50 flights April 2019 onwards

The Jet Airways cancellations spiral was supposed to snap following an emergency funding of INR 1500 crores to pay dues to lessors and salaries to employees apart from others. Jet Airways has just 36 aircraft operational of time out of a total of 114 aircraft, and planes continue to be on the ground due to lack of crew or getting these lessors to withdraw their grounding notices. Look at this picture from the Mumbai Airport this morning, where Jet Airways used to rule the morning departures.

Looks like this situation will change soon. Jet Airways plans to have an operational fleet of 75 aircraft by April 26, 2019. But it has got a tough road ahead as it plans to restore several international flights.

Another five aircraft have started flying again: 4 737-800 and 1 777-3000ER. But 3 737-800 have been redelivered, taking the total fleet count to 111 aircraft. According to the Economic Times, Jet Airways plans to restore more than 50 flights between March end and April 25, 2019, that were cancelled earlier.

The flights that will be resumed include those between Mumbai and Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Indore, Aurangabad, Pune, Goa, and from Delhi to Jaipur, Lucknow, Indore, Bhopal, Bhuj, among others. 50 – 60 flights are not much, and can be resurrected with another 10 operational aircraft. But considering the spate of cancellations before, this number is good news. Hopefully, more flights will be restored from April 26, 2019, onwards.

Jet Airways flight status

VT-JGW Jet Airways 737-800

If you look at it, the majority of the flights being restored are from Mumbai, as Jet Airways is trying to protect its slots. Mumbai airport has also restarted operations to full capacity from March 31, 2019. So flight operations across all airlines including Jet Airways which was affected the most will be back in full swing.

In a letter conveyed to travel agents, Jet Airways mentioned that passengers booked on alternative flights due to the cancellation of many flights can be rebooked back, onto their original flights without any extra charge.

Guests who have been re-protected by you on alternate flights due to the cancellation of the above flights can be rebooked on the original flights in the lowest available RBD (reservation booking denominator) in the same cabin without any ADC (additional collection).

Let’s hope more flights are restored as soon as possible and flight operations are back to normal.

What are your experiences with the Jet Airways situation at the moment?


  1. Booked Mumbai Bhopal for 13th Apr. Route was cancelled sometime back then resumed. Seems like it is again grounded as I got a sms that the flight has been cancelled. God only know what is next?

  2. I was booked on 415 to BLR on the 5th. Flight was changed to 483. Called the call Center to cancel the day after funding was secured. Was told that 415 is operating again, and it’s now scheduled for a 1320 departure from BOM.
    Got a call the next day that as I had upgraded using points my upgrade is valid on this flight as well!
    Now just hoping the flight takes off!

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