Jet Airways international operations to Singapore, Amsterdam and Paris curtailed from April 11?

Hello from rainy Tokyo where I’ve been keeping one eye on Jet Airways and their current operations. It seems there is more happening at the airline while the airline tries to keep pace with the bidding process for their staying alive. The airline is currently running on fumes. Around 28 aircraft were still operational out of 110 aircraft as per the last reports. The revised resolution plan, emergency funding and expression of interest have been extended by lenders led by SBI. But these delays are progressively making the airline harder to operate by the day. So far…

It seems now more bad news will affect the international operations of the airline going forward. The airline has been operating its 77W aircraft and A330 aircraft for its international operations.

Jet Airways Boeing 777-300ER

Jet Airways Boeing 777-300ER

Today, cargo handler Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) seized a Jet Airways Boeing 777 at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport because of unpaid fees. In a statement, WFS said:

A Jet Airways passenger aircraft was seized at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport today following a court order issued by Haarlem Court in favour of Worldwide Flight Services in relation to the outstanding payment of handling fees.

We regret having to take this course of action and apologise for any inconvenience to the airline’s customers. We hope Jet Airways will be able to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.


The flight is yet to take off. However, it seems the troubles for the airline will grow from here on even further, even on the widebody operations. Seems the airline has been served deregistration notices on some of their functional aircraft, and as a result, the airline will only operate about 14-15 aircraft tomorrow. The following flights will not operate on April 11, 2019, for now:

  • Bangalore – Amsterdam
  • Chennai – Paris
  • All flights to Singapore

So, check your flight status before you fly the next time with the airline, just in case. I will update this post with more details as they come in.

(With inputs from Karan Patel)


  1. Hi Ajay, I have last week cancelled my family trip to Singapore from Bangalore booked for May. I have booked all tickets through my Diners Club Black points. Can you guide me for the quickest way to get the points back for redemption again?

  2. Are they processing any refunds?
    I have my flights 18th April to Bangalore, so bit confused whether to wait 2 more days or just cancel myself, any one can tell?

  3. How is frequent flyer program a valuable thing where they could sell stake? It’s all redeemable miles, isn’t it a liability? Just trying to understand

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