HDFC Smartbuy Gyftr voucher earning reduces from 10X points to 5X points from September 1, 2021

HDFC Bank has been long offering a large number of points for anyone who uses their white-labelled Smartbuy website to buy almost anything under the sun. A few years ago, they launched a white-labelled gift voucher service as well, along with Gyftr, where you could get 10X points up to the maximum bonus points limit of the card as prescribed by HDFC Bank. This effectively meant you could get up to 33% cash back on over 150 brands, as long as you purchased the vouchers before you used them for your purchase. I never thought the gift voucher business would be very lucrative, but it, sure enough, was for American Express to also launch a similar site.

HDFC Bank cuts down on Smartbuy Gyftr Earnings by half

The reward points are given away every time you purchase something from Smartbuy and are mainly going out of the pocket of HDFC Bank. This is why, as they have gained scale, HDFC Bank has capped earnings on their cards and readjust earnings on their products as the situation evolves. I don’t hold it against them. After all, there needs to be a balance between giving away points and making money. As long as they don’t devalue points, that is.

As it turns out, as of September 1, 2021, the HDFC Smartbuy Gyftr points earning has been devalued. Till August 31, 2021, one could earn 10x points purchasing gift vouchers from Gyftr via HDFC Smartbuy (1X regular earning and 9X bonus earning). However, today, you will see only a 5X points earning on the website.

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What this means is that when you buy a voucher from HDFC Smartbuy Gyftr, you will now get 5X points (1X regular and 4X bonus), making it up to 16.5% cashback for their top-end credit cards, including Infinia and Diners Club Black. For the cards that do not get the points, they get a 5% cashback. This wouldn’t be good news for those who used to buy a lot of vouchers, I’d say.

HDFC Smartbuy Gyftr increases Amazon and Flipkart voucher limit per month

As the gift voucher platform gained scale, Gyftr imposed an INR 5000 per calendar month limit on the gift voucher purchase for Flipkart and Amazon vouchers. As the platform has reduced the earning, they have updated the potential to buy up to INR 10,000 worth of vouchers in a month from the earlier INR 5,000. This change is also reflected on the website.

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HDFC Bank’s Smartbuy Gyftr proposition remains the most attractive way to buy vouchers to make any purchase, but now instead of 10X points, you will only get 5X points from now on. However, you can buy more Amazon and Flipkart vouchers going forth, as limits have been doubled compared to the earlier limit.

What do you make of the changes to the HDFC Bank Smartbuy Gyftr points earning ratio?

(H/T to Pranav)

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  1. Is the limit on per card basis. For eg can i use my credit card and debit card for purchases and each will have a limit of 10000 INR giving a total ok 20k ?

  2. @Ajay, I just verified that HDFC DCB reward point value has been increased to .7 from .5 INR on smartbuy evoucher redemption until 3rd Oct. Got an SMS on the same and noticed a banner as well in the smartbuy Dinersclub page. Just wanted to spread the word for users like me who doesn’t travel that much and have bunch of points lying around.

  3. It’s disheartening. While we expected the resumption of 10X across all categories, HDFC is on a devaluation spree. Not sure, where they’ll stop.
    Now our only scope is the limited 3-day ‘Extra Savings Days sale’.
    Hope, at least this will be continued every month.

    • Hi Pranab. I am not aware of. the 3 day. extra savings day sale. Is any notification sent before the sale? Is it conducted on the same specific days of every month like maybe 10-13th of every month?

  4. This was amazing while it lasted, but don’t blame HDFC for reducing the 10x to 5x. It was clearly unsustainable for them. At 5x, it still is amazing saving.

    However, I tried purchasing 10K vouchers of Amazon today and the transaction failed. Retried for 5K and it went through. Not sure if they have updated their tech backend to allow 10K voucher limit for Amazon.

  5. This is very disheartening news. I have been actively using these vouchers for my daily consumption. Best was when they added Swiggy vouchers. Though its still better than what is there in the market.

    • Swiggy is an additional 10X partner anyway for DCB.
      Why to use the 7500 limit for the smartbuy purchases (incl Gyftr)?

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