Get 10X Rewards on International Spends on all HDFC Bank Cards

HDFC Bank has been leading the market with respect to training behaviour with credit card promotions for a long time. Since 2017, they trained their guns on enhancing the use of credit cards for international spends, but only for the Diners Club Cards. This promotion is either waiting to be extended or has been withdrawn for the moment. But then, there is the HDFC Bank Forex Card Reload offer.

Other participants in the space are also jostling for international spends on credit cards at the moment. Axis Bank, Citibank, and Kotak Mahindra Bank rolled out promotions on forex mark-up waivers or cash back for its customers.

Now, there is a circuitous way for HDFC Bank customers to continue to earn 10X Reward points, which equals a 33% reward rate in some cases, for their foreign exchange spends. Last year, we wrote about it.

HDFC Bank has now extended this 10X promotion on reloading the Forex Cards, through March 2019 for the moment. (Update: Extended through April 2019)

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HDFC 10x offer on ForexPlus reload

To better understand this promotion, let’s look at reward earnings from a few cards, and how they can be maximized during this promotion. Remember, the earning is capped at 5,000 Reward Points per month per card, so anything beyond that only gets 1X Rewards.

  • Diners Black Card: The DCB earns you 5 RP/INR 150 spent during normal spends. With this promotion, you can earn a total of 50 RP/INR 150. With each Reward Point worth INR 1, you receive an overall reward of 33%.
  • HDFC Bank Regalia: The Regalia earns you 4 RP/ INR 150, and with this promotion, you can earn a total of 40 RP/ INR 150. With each Reward Point worth INR 0.5, you receive an overall reward of 13%.
  • Diners Club Rewards: The Diners Club Rewards earns you 3 RP/ INR 150 spent, and with this promotion, you can earn a total of 30 RP/ INR 150. With each Reward Point worth INR 0.3, you receive an overall reward of 6%.a credit cards with logos and numbers

Here are some essential T&C for this promotion:

  • The offer is valid till March 31, 2019. (Update: Extended through April 2019)
  • The offer is applicable only if Forex Card is loaded  through the SmartForex Portal
  • Customer will be eligible to earn a maximum of 5,000 reward points per customer per month for the Credit card offer
  • Credit card offer is valid only on credit cards with Rewards points feature (Not valid on Jet Cards, Value plus and other cards which don’t have reward points).
  • The Reward points will be posted within 90 days from the month of transaction.

The promotion shows up on the page when you are trying to load the card as well.

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If you are an HDFC Bank customer and heading abroad soon, it will be a great opportunity for you to earn some extra reward points on the money that you are anyway spending. All you need to do is to get the HDFC Bank Forex card in your arsenal.

What do you think about the HDFC Bank Forex Card Reload Offer via the Credit Card? Have you used the promotion last year?  


  1. HDFC has an history of changing the TnC in retrospective. Back in October 2018 there was no condition that the items have to be added in cart only after reaching the offer page, they added it later and then denied to offer the 10x points.

    Does anyone know how to file a case in consumer court?

  2. Hi Ajay,

    I am loading money into ForexPlus Card since January 2019, but i haven’t received points (5000 ) even for the January transaction.

    I have raised the ticket with customer care, and they are also clueless.

    Have you received any points for the ForePlus load/reload transactions?

    • Same here. Did 2 reloads via smartbuy. Haven’t received the 10x. I think HDFC is just trying to fool customers with offers without honoring the commitment.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing the offer details but it looks like a targeted offer.

    The T&C’s on offer page ( clearly states ‘Customer if communicated by HDFC Bank Ltd. shall be eligible for 10X points.”

    I remember back in September this offer was open to all, but later they added this clause to make it targeted.

    I did get the communication from HDFC for this offer in Novermber, but I am not sure if offer is valid only for the month in which the communication is received or for the whole offer period.

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